Connemara Marble Brooches

Connemara Marble Brooches

Some of these Connemara marble brooches are known as Tara brooches that emulate the design of the 7th century design. The Irish icons, harp and Claddagh, are also featured as brooches with inlaid Connemara marble.
These pieces of Irish jewelry are beautiful works of art with the inlaid Connemara marble in the brooches contrasting with the silver tone of the rhodium plating. A brooch from The Irish Gift House can be one of the most versatile pieces in your collection of Irish jewelry as it will accent just about any outfit.

Connemara Marble Celtic Brooch

This Connemara marble brooch is a version of the Celtic Tara brooch.
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Connemara Marble Tara Brooch

This Celtic Tara brooch features Connemara marble stones along with an embossed design.
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Connemara Marble Harp Brooch

This embossed Irish harp brooch features Connemara marble.
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Connemara Marble Claddagh Brooch

This engraved Claddagh brooch features a Connemara marble heart.
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