Irish Slippers

Irish Slippers

The Irish Gift House features several styles of Irish slippers including those with shamrocks and with Guinness branding.
Our Irish slippers are cozy and are great for the bedroom or for a relaxed day at home. These Irish slippers, particularly the leprechaun slippers, are also suitable for completing a St. Patrick's Day costume.  Along with the Irish shoe laces with shamrocks our selections of footwear will get your best foot forward.

Guinness Slippers

The cozy Guinness slippers feature a classic pint design and are enhanced with the iconic toucan.
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Irish Slippers with Shamrocks

These Irish slippers are loaded with embroidered shamrocks.

Irish Baby Slippers with Shamrocks

This Irish baby slippers feature green shamrocks.
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Leprechaun Slippers

These green sequined leprechaun slippers from have a curly toe with a bell on the tips.
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Shamrock Shoe Laces

These Irish shoe laces feature green shamrocks and would complement our selection of shamrock socks.
Sorry, but the Irish shoe laces are temporarily sold out.