Guinness Glassess

Guinness Glassess

Our selection of Guinness glasses are great for lifting a pint of beer, but their tulip shape is perfectly suited for the dark stuff.
All the Guinness glasses at The Irish Gift House are Irish or imperial pints, so they are 20 ounce glasses. Select from beer glasses with the Guinness logo or label or from a classic Gilroy design featuring the famous toucan.

Guinness Glass with Toucan

This Guinness glass features the famous toucan with its ever present pint of Guinness.
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Guinness Glass with the Harp Logo

This Guinness glass features the harp logo and is perfect for lifting a pint of the black stuff.
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Guinness Label Pint Glass

It's not just beer you're drinking, it's a Guinness! So why not imbibe using a tulip shaped Guinness label glass that is a perfect companion for your black gold?
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Guinness Pint Glass

This collector's edition Guinness glass features the Guinness Extra Stout label.
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