Guinness Merchandise

Guinness Merchandise

Our eclectic collection of Guinness merchandise ranges from bottle openers to pouring spoons and is a great source of Guinness gifts for those who embrace a passion for the black stuff.
The Irish Gift House includes our selections of Guinness barware among our fine assortment of Guinness merchandise. These Guinness gifts will compliment everything from your bar and pub to the man cave and garage.

Guinness Black Leather Wallet

Guinness Extra Stout Black Leather Wallet

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Guinness Messenger Bag: Pint - Black

The Guinness messenger bag features an embroidered pint with a shamrock.
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Guinness Slippers: Pint Shaped withToucan

The cozy Guinness slippers from The Irish Gift House feature a classic pint design and are enhanced with the iconic toucan.
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Guinness Cuff Links: Stainless Steel

These stainless steel cuff links feature the Guinness logo.
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Guinness Rugby Ball

The Guinness rugby ball features the pint and Guinness logo designs.
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Guinness Cap Catcher

The wall mounted Guinness cap catcher is made of stainless steel and works great with any bottle cap opener.
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Guinness Chef’s Kitchen Apron - Irish Gifts

The Guinness apron features the Guinness logo an a heavy black and cream color design.
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Guinness Alarm Clock

This alarm clock features the Guinness label and has a classic twin bell style.
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Guinness Book: Guinness An Official Celebration

Guinness, An Official Celebration is a hardcover book that chronicles the first 250 year history of Guinness.
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Guinness Salt and Pepper Shakers

The Guinness salt and pepper shakers are crafted in a classic pint shape.
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Guinness Tie with Shamrocks

Guinness Black Necktie with Green Shamrocks which features Pints, Luck and Slainte. 

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Guinness Tie with Pints

Black and Cream Guinness Pints are scattered on this Irish Necktie.

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Guinness CD Case

This Guinness case is perfect for holding your compact disks and DVDs.
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Guinness Whistle: Black

The Guinness whistle is in a classic black and cream design.
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Guinness Mug: Coffee - Black

This black coffee mug features the Guinness label design on both sides.
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Guinness Bottle Opener: Wall Mount with a Shamrock

This wall mounted Irish bottle opener from The Irish Gift House features Guinness along with a green shamrock on the silver tone metal.
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Guinness Bottle Opener: Wall Mount

This Guinness wall mount bottle opener from The Irish Gift House is silver tone metal that features raised black lettering.
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Guinness Coasters and Bar Towel

This Guinness bar towel and coaster set from The Irish Gift House will accent any Irish pub.
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Guinness Gift Set: Key Ring - Pen

This boxed Guinness gift set includes a gel writing pen and a bottle opener key ring.
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Guinness Bottle Opener with Toucan: Magnetic

The magnetic Irish bottle opener features the Guinness branded toucan with a pint on his bill.
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Guinness Bottle Opener: Magnetic

This Irish bottle opener is in the shape of a Guinness bottle.
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Guinness Coasters: Pub Style

Guinness features this set of 20 assorted pub style Irish coasters; they are perfect for any beverage, but best with a pint of Guinness!
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Guinness Key Ring: Pint - Can Opener

This Guinness key ring with a pint shape design also serves as a can tab opener.
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Guinness Bar Towel

This Guinness bar towel features the Guinness Extra Stout label.
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