St. Patrick's Day Decorations

St. Patrick's Day Decorations

These festive Irish decorations will enhance your home or pub on St. Patrick's Day! These St. Patrick's Day decorations are suitable for the wall, the table and even the ceiling.
Everyone will know that the Irish are in the house when you display these cheerful St. Patrick's Day decorations from The Irish Gift HouseGreen is the color of the day and the shamrock reigns supreme on these banners and cutouts.  You may even use some of these Irish decorations on your St. Patrick's Day parade float.

Shamrock Doorway Curtain Decoration

This shamrock doorway curtain is a fun way to decorate between rooms in your house.
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Irish Christmas Lights with Shamrocks

This light set features shamrocks and they would make a great decoration at Christmas, at St. Patrick's Day or even at any time of the year.
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Irish Welcome Wall Decoration

The Evergreen Pub wooden sign has a dangling welcome plaque and a shamrock.  This Irish decoration would be great for your St. Patrick's Day party.
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Make Your Own Irish Banner St. Patrick's Day Decoration

Get the party started on St. Patrick's Day with this Irish banner that you use to create the message.
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Irish Garden Flag with Shamrocks

This Irish garden flag features shamrocks and Luck 'o the Irish. Use the flag to decorate at St. Patrick's Day or to celebrate being Irish at anytime of the year.
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Shamrock Bunting St. Patrick's Day Decoration

This St. Patrick's Day decoration is a green and white shamrock bunting that you may hang indoors or outdoors.
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St. Patrick’s Day Decorating Kit

Your St. Patrick's Day party will be a hit when you use this 10 piece Irish decorating kit with shamrock cutouts and honeycomb balls.
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St. Patrick's Day Ceiling Decoration with Shamrocks

Shimmering metallic shamrocks and cardboard shamrocks that say Happy St. Patrick's Day cascade from this Irish decoration.
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St. Patrick's Day Bucket with Shamrocks

This green Irish bucket with white shamrocks would be perfect for holding your St. Patrick's Day swag.
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Banner Decoration

Happy St. Patrick's Day is the message on this 7' long banner decoration.
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Irish Ceiling Decoration with Shamrocks

Just like the Irish, the shamrocks are everywhere, even dangling from the ceiling on this St. Patrick's Day decoration.
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Irish Decoration Banner with Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Hang this St. Patrick's Day decoration on your wall to enhance the party atmosphere. The message will be clear to all, Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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Shamrock Sticker Decorations

Not only do these shamrock stickers make great decorations but you can pass them out at school, work or at the bar on St. Patrick's Day.
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Irish Banner Decoration for St. Patick's Day

This Irish motivational decoration reads, If you can read this you’re not partying enough! This Irish banner is great for St. Patrick's Day, and for some, everyday.
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Foil Shamrock St. Patrick's Day Decorations

This package of 8 green foil dangling shamrock decorations are dimensional and have cutout leaves.
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St. Patrick's Day Expanding Banner Decoration

This St. Patrick's Day party decoration with shamrocks is an expanding banner with handles.
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St. Patrick’s Day Table Decorating Ki

The St. Patrick's Day decorating kit has everything you need to decorate your tables including centerpieces and shamrock accents.
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Shamrock Cutout Decorations for St. Patrick's Day

This package of shamrock cutouts are fun for decorating on St. Patrick's Day or for any Irish themed event.
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Happy St. Patrick's Day Banner with Shamrocks

This celebratory banner with shamrocks is a must for your St. Patrick's Day decorating needs.
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Hanging Shamrock Decoration

The shamrocks in this St. Patrick' Day decoration hang down in 5 strands and feature a variety of green shamrocks.
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Foil Shamrock Dangling Cutout Decorations

Hang these foil shamrocks and celebrate being Irish on St. Patrick's Day! You may wish to keep these fun Irish decorations up all year long.
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Shamrock Gel Cling Decorations

This set of 6 shamrock shape gel cling Irish decorations are great for St. Patrick's Day!
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Shamrock Foil Doilies: Irish Decorations

This package of green shamrock doilies will make a fun Irish decoration.
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Shamrock Streamer St. Patrick's Day Decorations

Happy St. Patrick's Day is the message on one of these Irish decorations. The other two shamrock cutouts feature additional shamrocks in green on green colors.
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