Claddagh Wedding Bell from Mullingar Pewter

Claddagh Wedding Bell from Mullingar Pewter

Mullingar pewter
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This Claddagh wedding bell is cast in fine pewter and it is known as an Irish make up bell.

"An old Irish tradition is to give a bell on the occasion of a wedding.
A decisive moment is always announced by the ringing of a bell and in Irish culture it is no different. The bell affords good luck and if at any time during the marriage there is 'Discord' the ancient Irish remedy for lovers quarrels is to ring this special bell, breaking the spirit of discord and renewing the spirit of love."

This traditional Irish make up bell features the Claddagh and is made in Ireland by Mullingar Pewter.  This lead free, solid pewter, Irish wedding bell stands 6" tall and is gift boxed with the Irish bell legend and the Claddagh legend.

The Claddagh Legend - Early 16th century legend tells that a fishing boat, from the village of Claddagh in Co. Galway, Ireland, was captured by pirates and the crew taken as slaves. One of the crewmembers, Richard Joyce, was to have been married the same week he was captured. His bride-to-be was inconsolable.  Years went by and  Richard became a master of his trade - goldsmithing. His skillful hands shaped a unique ring for the girl he could never forget.  The design was born of their love. At the center a heart, symbolizing their love, on top a crown, symbolizing their loyalty, and two hands holding the heart, symbolizing the caring friendship they shared.  After eight years, Richard escaped and returned to his native village of Claddagh. He found, to his great joy, that the girl he could not forget had not forgotten him and she had never married.  He gave to her the special ring he had crafted. They married soon afterwards, never to be separated again.