Tree of Life Jewelry

Tree of Life Jewelry

Tree of Life jewelry includes necklaces and earrings along with bracelets and charms. The Tree of Life symbol has been a part of Irish culture since the time of the ancient Celts.

The ancient Celts believed that trees were the foundation of life and that they held mystical powers that represented balance and harmony. This collection of Celtic jewelry from The Irish Gift House features the Tree of Life and is available in sterling silver and gold along with pewter and plated designs.

A history card is included with each piece of Tree of Life jewelry and it includes the following text:
The Tree of Life
Its branches reach in search of learning and knowledge.
The trunk symbolizes strength,
Its flowers and fruit renewed growth
and its deep roots represent our ancient Celtic heritage.

In the following pages you will find a great depth of Tree of Life necklaces as the styles range from the precious metals with genuine stones to less expensive plated designs. You may wish to add a pair of Tree of Life earrings and you may be amazed to see so many selections in one place; you will also notice that many pairs have an available matching necklace. The Irish Gift House also has an assortment of Tree of Life bracelets and charms with this ancient Celtic symbol of your heritage.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find that we also have an assortment of Tree of Life gifts that range from glasses to wall plaques with many additional items in between; you will find this section in our Irish Gifts for the Home category.