Connemara Marble Tie Tack

Connemara Marble Tie Tack

Shamrock tie tack with inlaid Connemara marble is a one of a kind piece of men's Irish jewelry.
The Connemara marble shamrock tie tack was made for The Irish Gift House at our request by O'Connor jewelry; unfortunately O'Connor Jewelry is no longer in business. At one time we also had this piece in sterling silver but now only the gold shamrock tie pin remains.
Sorry, Retired Item.

Shamrock Tie Tack - Connemara Marble

Connemara marble is inlaid in each leaf of this gold shamrock tie tack that includes a fob and chain.


As we mentioned due to O'Connor Jewelry going out of business there are a very limited number of these Connemara marble shamrock tie tacks available, but we do have other Celtic tie tacks available including one with the Trinity knot. The Irish Gift House also has a collection of shamrock tie bars too.

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