Shillelaghs are made from the hard and strong wood of the blackthorn tree and they received their name from the Irish town of Shillelagh.
The blackthorn tree root forms the knob on the Shillelagh that was historically used as a weapon in Ireland. The Shillelagh is a cudgel or club that was traditionally smothered with butter and hung for months in a chimney to cure. Naturally, The Irish Gift House only offers Shillelaghs that are made in Ireland with wood sourced from Irish blackthorn trees.
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Shillelaghs are never identical as these Irish clubs are crafted in Ireland from genuine blackthorn wood.
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Shillelagh Key Ring

Irish key ring is a genuine miniature Shillelagh that is made from blackthorn wood.
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A similar, but longer, item that is also made from the wood of Irish blackthorn trees is the Irish walking stick and The Irish Gift House is proud to offer them in three size weights and widths.

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