Belleek - New

New Belleek consists of the most recent introductions from the famous Irish pottery.
Here you will find the latest introductions from Belleek that range from the annual Christmas ornament to vases. When looking for a gift for a Belleek enthusiast this is a good place to start as they may not yet have any of these fine new china creations.

The Irish Gift House is proud to offer this collection of fine Irish Belleek China

Belleek Christmas Ornament - 2020 - Annual - Annalong Cornmill

Belleek annual Christmas ornament is the Annalong Cornmill bell; it is the 33rd edition for 2020.
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Belleek Ornament - Nutcracker - Christmas

Belleek nutcracker ornament features an embossed shamrock along with hand painted accenting.

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Masterpiece Collection

Belleek Clock - Celtic Mantel

Belleek Celtic mantel clock is made of fine china that is enhanced with embossed knot-work on both sides.

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Belleek Cross - Love Knot - Standing

Belleek standing Celtic cross is crafted of fine Irish china that is enhanced with an embossed love knot along with a hand painted green shamrock.
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Belleek Box - Love Knot

Belleek China box features an intertwined Celtic love knot along with an interlaced heart motif.
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Celtic Cross Font - Belleek

Belleek Celtic cross holy water font is crafted of fine Irish china that is enhanced with an embossed knot-work.
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Claddagh Plaque - Belleek

Belleek Claddagh plaque is a fine china wall hanging that is enhanced with embossed Celtic knot-work along with shamrocks.

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3 x 3 Photo

Belleek Picture Frame - Irish Eyes

Belleek photo frame features hand painted shamrocks along with embossed Celtic knot-work and the words Irish Eyes Are Smiling.
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4" Tall.

Belleek Vase - Meadow

Belleek China Meadow Vase features embossed details along with hand painted shamrocks.
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4" Tall.

Belleek Vase - Durrow - 4674

Belleek China Vase is the Durrow; it features embossed Celtic knot-work along with hand painted shamrocks.
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4" Tall.

Belleek Vase - Weave - 4671

Belleek China Vase features an embossed basket weave motif along with hand painted shamrocks.
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Belleek Basket - Annual - 2020 - Kitchen Garden

Belleek Kitchen Garden Basket features vegetables along with friendly insects.

Belleek Basket - Violet

Belleek Violet Basket features flowers along with friendly insects.

Belleek Basket - St Patrick

Belleek St. Patrick's Basket features spring flowers and shamrocks along with a four-leaf clover.

Naturally as this page only features the newest additions from Belleek it will only provide a sample of the hundreds of available fine china sculptures and figurines from the famous .  You may view the complete range at The Irish Gift House by browsing the specific categories such as the Belleek Christmas ornaments or the Belleek vases that feature , designs or the .

From the Belleek teapots to dinnerware this award winning china with its almost translucent appearance is suitable for everyday use and may be safely used in the oven and the dishwasher.   Irish potteryshamrocksflowerCladdagh