Guinness Glasses and Barware

Guinness Glasses and Barware

Our Guinness barware includes Guinness glasses, tankards, bottle openers and more.  Naturally no Irish pub or bar can be complete without a Guinness sign or a pouring spoon, so The Irish Gift House has those too.  This Guinness barware will look great in your home and they also make great Irish gifts.

The tulip shaped Guinness glasses are a 20 ounce Irish pint.

Guinness Bar Sign: Wooden - Harp

This wooden Guinness bar sign is enhanced with a carved harp.
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Guinness Bar Sign, There's Nothing Like a Guinness

There's Nothing Like a Guinness is the saying on this wooden Guinness pub sign.
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Guinness Bar Sign, Wooden

This wooden Guinness pub sign has the Guinness Extra Stout label design.
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Guinness Coasters - Bar Towel

Guinness bar towel and coaster set will accent any Irish pub.
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Guinness Bottle Opener, Wall Mount

This Guinness wall mounted bottle opener features silver tone metal construction that is enhanced with raised black lettering.
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Wall Mount Guinness Bottle Opener with Shamrock

This wall mounted Irish bottle opener features Guinness branding along with a green shamrock on the silver tone metal design.
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Magnetic Guinness Bottle Opener with Toucan

The magnetic Irish bottle opener features the Guinness branded toucan that is enhanced with a pint on his bill.
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Guinness Bottle Opener, Magnetic

This Irish bottle opener is in the shape of a Guinness bottle.
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Guinness Bar Towel

This Guinness bar towel features the Extra Stout label.
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Guinness Key Ring

This Guinness key ring features a pint shape design and it also serves as a can tab opener.
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Guinness Pouring Spoon

The engraved metal Guinness pouring spoon is designed to prepare drinks made with Guinness such as a Black and Tan.
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Guinness Pint Glass

This collector's edition Guinness glass features the Guinness Extra Stout label.
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Guinness Glass: Harp Logo

This Guinness glass features the harp logo and is perfect for lifting a pint of the black Irish beer.
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Guinness Glass: Toucan

This Irish beer glass features the famous toucan with its ever present pint of Guinness.
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Guinness Glass

It's not just beer you're drinking, it's a Guinness! So why not imbibe using a tulip shaped Guinness label glass that is a perfect companion for your black gold?
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