Irish Perfume

Irish Perfume

Irish perfume for women includes our best selling Inis, The Fragrance of the Sea. We also stock Innisfree and Connemara perfume along with additional Inis fragrances, Ór and Arose.
The Irish Gift House also offers the Inis bath and shower gel along with Inis body lotion. Any of these Irish perfumes will make an exceptional gift for the woman in your life. Our assortment of Irish perfumes for women are made in Ireland by The Fragrances of Ireland.

Due to the alcohol found in most fragrances, by law, we may only ship the Irish perfume by surface mail.


Inis Irish perfume is a women's cologne spray.
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Inis - Spray - 50ml

Inis, the Energy of the Sea, is a women's cologne spray.
Please note that we only have one bottle left in stock.

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Innisfree - Irish Perfume

Innisfree, The Essence of Ireland, is an Irish perfume.
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Connemara: Irish Fragrance

Connemara spray is a floral Irish fragrance for women.
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Inis Body Lotion - Pump

Inis body lotion features seaweed extracts and shea butter in a pump bottle.
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Inis Body Lotion - Tube

Inis body lotion features seaweed extracts and shea butter in a convenient tube.
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Inis Gel - Bath and Shower

Inis bath and shower gel is the the Energy of the Sea.
Sorry, the Inis gel is out of stock until February, 2019.

Inis Gift Set

Inis Irish perfume, along with Inis body lotion and Inis hand cream are all included in a reusable cosmetic bag.
Sorry the Inis gift set is now sold out. 

Inis Arose - Irish Perfume

Inis Arose is a beautifully fresh floral Irish perfume.
Sorry, Inis Arose perfume is now retired and sold out.

Inis Or - Irish Perfume

Inis Ór is an Irish perfume in a spray bottle.
Sorry, this Inis fragrance has been retired.
The Irish Gift House also features a selection of Irish soap that includes variety from Inis along with several from The Garden of Ireland.