Irish Fathers Day Gifts – Barware

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Irish barware is our first installment of Father's Day gift ideas.

An Irish barware gift for Father's Day will be an exceptional treat for dad!

Irish Whiskey Glasses


Irish Shot


Irish Wine


Irish Coat of
Arms Glasses


Irish Tankards


Celtic Goblets

The third Sunday in June denotes Father’s Day in the United States. This annual event celebrates the important role fathers perform in the lives of their children. The occasion is celebrated with family meals and phone calls, and the old man is recognized with cards and gifts.

Selecting that perfect gift for dad can be an easy prospect; just get him what he likes. The Irish Gift House is a great source of ideas, and if we are shipping directly to dad, we are happy to include your Father’s Day greeting on a card and gift wrap too.

Some of our must popular Irish Father’s Day Gifts are from our Irish barware collection. Most of us enjoy an occasional adult beverage and Irish fathers are no exception. No one would ever trust us to sell alcohol, but we sure have the proper vessel for anything brewed or distilled.

Uisce beatha is Irish for water of life, so if you pop imbibes a drop of pure, look no further than our collection of Irish whiskey glasses. Here you will find both low-ball and high-ball glasses that range from Irish crystal to fine pewter. Of course, we also have a fine range of Irish shot glasses. These glasses are sold both as sets and some are sold individually. Additionally, we also feature a range of Irish whiskey decanters.

If you father is a connoisseur of vino, please take a look at our collection of Irish wine glasses that includes several different sets of Irish coat of arms wine glasses.

Naturally, we can provide many ideas if pop likes to lift a pint or two. Browse our selections of Irish beer glasses along with the diverse range of Irish tankards. You may also wish to see our collection of Guinness merchandise; any will make a great gift for a dad who likes the dark stuff.

Other unique drinking gifts include our range of Celtic goblets and the collection of Irish coffee glasses which are specifically associated with the famous Irish coattail.

So, let’s raise our glasses to all dads, Sláinte!