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Shillelaghs are never identical as these Irish clubs are crafted in Ireland from genuine blackthorn wood.
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A poem about the Shillelagh history that you may print and display alongside your Irish Shillelagh.

Oh no! It’s not a walking stick,
It’s carried neath one’s arm,
For though it was a weapon,
It kept you free from harm.

For long ago invaders came,
To Ireland’s pleasant shore,
Those Danes were fearsome fighting men,
With sword and shield and more.

To kill or plunder was their aim,
And pretty girls to snatch,
But when they reached Shillelagh,
They found they’d met their match!

The peaceful farmers had no swords,
Their homesteads to defend,
But they knew that on the Blackthorn,
Their lives they could depend.

They cut stout sticks,
Then joined the fight,
And quickly put the Danes to flight,
Such exploits brought Shillelagh fame,
And to the stick they gave its name.

The Shillelagh is an Irish club or cudgel that was used as a weapon by fighters in years past. These Irish clubs are typically tempered in slack lime and were very often rubbed in butter and put up the chimney where it was left to cure for months. Each Shillelagh is about 15” long but no two are identical as they are crafted from the root wood of the Irish blackthorn tree. Our Shillelaghs at The Irish Gift House are hand made in Ireland by Grange Craft.