Irish Piggy Banks

Irish Piggy Banks

An Irish piggy bank are great Irish gifts for both children and adults.  Our Irish coin banks are not limited to pigs; we also have other Irish farm animals including a lamb and a cow.
The Irish Gift House also has differently shaped shamrock piggy banks including Irish baby shoe money banks. All our Irish piggy banks and money boxes have one thing in common, they all have shamrocks!

An Irish piggy bank is a great gift to give to someone saving for a trip to Ireland!

Irish Piggy Bank with Shamrocks: Beleek

This Irish Piggy Bank with hand painted shamrocks is made by Belleek.
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Lamb Bank with Shamrock: Irish Gifts

Irish Gifts Lamb Bank with a Shamrock Tail

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Irish Baby Shoe Bank: 'Tis Himself - Shamrocks

Irish Gifts tis himself Baby Boy Shoe Bank with Shamrocks.

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Irish Baby Shoe Bank: 'Tis Herself - Shamrocks

Irish Gifts tis herself Baby Girl Shoe Bank with Shamrocks.

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Irish Piggy Bank with Shamrocks: Irish Gifts

This Irish piggy bank features pink accents and green shamrocks.
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Irish Piggy Bank with Shamrocks: Bobblehead

Irish Gifts Bobble-head Irish Piggy Bank with Shamrocks

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Lucky Shamrock Money Bank: Irish Gifts

Irish Gifts Irish Luck Ceramic Money Bank with Shamrocks

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Irish Cow Bank with Shamrocks

Irish Gifts Ceramic Irish Shamrock Cow Bank

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