Irish Fairies
Irish Fairies

Irish Fairies

These fairy and pixie are common in Irish lore and they make for unique Christmas ornaments and decorations.
The wee folk are generally described as having mystical powers and a diminutive human appearance.  Many an Irish superstition was designed as protection from the fairies.
13" Tall!

Irish Christmas Ornament - Pixie

Irish Christmas tree ornament is a tall pixie with an over sized hat and shamrock.

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Irish Leprechaun - Christmas Decoration

Irish decoration is a wild looking leprechaun that features a shamrock along with an over-sized hat.
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Irish Fairy Christmas Ornament

Irish Christmas ornament features a fairy that is enhanced with shamrocks.
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Irish Christmas Ornament - Fairy

Irish ornament features a Christmas fairy that is enhanced with shamrocks.
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