Belleek Baskets

Belleek Baskets

Belleek crafts the most intricate lace china baskets; imagine how each strand is precisely woven to create these exquisite creations. Each Belleek basket receives meticulous flowers with each petal and leaf handmade and hand painted.
A Belleek basket is truly a wonderful work of art from Ireland. Belleek has been creating their baskets since the late 1860's when William Henshall first introduced the basket making skill. Henshall's endowment has been successfully entrusted through the generations at the Belleek pottery and continues today.
Masterpiece Collection

Belleek Basket - Oval Covered

Belleek basket is an oval design that features embellished handles along with an enhanced cover with flowers and shamrocks.

Masterpiece Collection

Belleek Basket - Laurel

Belleek Laurel Basket features bay leaves along with mountain laurel flowers.

Masterpiece Collection

Belleek Basket - Queens

Belleek queens basket features embellished handles along with flowers and shamrocks.

Masterpiece Collection

Belleek Basket - Round Covered

Belleek basket is a round design that features a cover that is embellished flowers and shamrocks.

Belleek Basket - Catalina

Belleek China Catalina Basket features flowers along with a butterfly, a ladybug and a bumble bee.

Belleek Basket - Rose Gerbera

Belleek basket features roses and Gerbera daisies that are hand applied on fine Irish china.

Belleek Basket - Annual - 2019 - Celestial

Belleek Celestial Basket features a star shape that is inspired by the sun and the moon.

Belleek Basket - Four Leaf Clover

Belleek basket with four leaf clovers and shamrocks may be the luckiest Irish china basket of them all.

Belleek Basket - Spring Flower

Belleek Spring Flower Basket features flowers of the season that include crocus and bluebell along with pansy and lily of the valley.

Belleek Basket - Summer Flower

Belleek Spring Flower Basket features flowers of the season that include buttercups and aster flowers along with daisies and leaves.

Belleek Basket - Autumn Flower

Belleek Autumn Flower Basket features flowers of the season that include marigold and buds along with green and autumnal leaves.

Belleek Basket - Winter Flower

Belleek Winter Flower Basket features flowers of the season that include red rose along with holly leaves and red berries.

Belleek Basket - Flowers of Spring

Belleek Flowers of Spring Basket features vibrant pastel colors on hand woven china.

Belleek Basket - Rose Bud

Belleek Rose Bud Basket is made of fine china that has been woven into the shape of a rose petal.

Belleek Basket - Rose Bud Heart

Belleek basket is called the rose bud heart and it features blossoming roses.

Belleek Basket - Shamrocks - Handle

Belleek China basket features an embossed basket weave motif along with hand painted shamrocks and a handle.

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Belleek Basket - Wild Briar

Belleek Basket features fine woven china that is enhanced with the pink flower of the wild briar.

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Belleek Basket - Annual - 2018 - Four Seasons

Belleek basket features flowers and elements that depict Ireland's four seasons of the year.

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Belleek Basket - Wild Rose Leaf

Belleek basket is in the shape of a wild rose leaf that is enhanced with shamrocks and roses.

These baskets are truly fine works of art and you will also find this weaved china design in some of the Belleek ornaments that are offered at The Irish Gift House.

You may also be interested in the similar basket weave design that is embossed on much of the Belleek dinnerware; you may notice that the basket weave is prominent throughout the collection and will find it on various pieces that include Belleek vases and also on some of their picture frames