Irish Walking Sticks

Irish Walking Sticks

Irish walking sticks are made in Ireland from the hard and strong wood of the blackthorn tree.
The Irish walking stick is crafted from stout blackthorn wood and no two are identical. These Irish canes are longer than a Shillelagh and a prized blackthorn cane often carried for aesthetic appreciation as well as for mobility issues.
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Irish Walking Stick

Blackthorn walking sticks are made in Ireland from genuine blackthorn wood. You will find varying degrees of evidence from the thorns on the shafts of these Irish walking sticks.

The perfect complement to an Irish walking stick would be an Irish flat cap as both are made in Ireland with the materials sourced locally.

Many of our Irish gifts for men work hand in hand with each other; while other items, such as the Irish tin whistles along with the Irish flasks, work hand to mouth.