.015ct. + Gold

Claddagh Ring - Sterling Silver - Diamond - 2903

Sterling silver Claddagh ring features a diamond heart along with yellow gold hands, crown, and cuffs that are enhanced with embossed detailing.
14K - .30ct. Out of Stock

Diamond Claddagh Ring - Gold - 21018

Gold Claddagh ring features a diamond studded heart that is enhanced with three stones in the center along with additional diamonds along the heart's rim.
14K - .20ct. - Out of Stock

Diamond Claddagh Ring - Gold - 2943

Claddagh ring features 14K gold construction that is enhanced with
31 individual diamonds that are set in the heart along with the crown and cuffs.
Retired - Sold Out.

Diamond Claddagh Engagement Ring - White Gold - 2503

Claddagh ring is cast in 18K white gold and it features a heart shape diamond; it would be ideal as an engagement ring.
18K - Retired, Sold Out.

Claddagh Shadow Band - Diamond - Ring - White Gold

Claddagh shadow band mates with a white gold diamond Claddagh ring.
Retired - Sold Out

Diamond Claddagh Ring - Eternity - Gold

Diamond Claddagh ring is cast in 14K gold with an eternity design that is accented with Trinity knots.
14K - Sold out, retired.

Diamond Claddagh Ring - Gold - 2652

Diamond heart Claddagh ring features a 14K gold cross over design that is enhanced with a white gold icon.

You obviously appreciate a beautiful stone in your Irish ring or you might not have visited this page on our site. If the color green is your fancy, please take a look at our emerald Claddagh rings, after all, Ireland is the emerald Isle! 

Once you select your Irish ring you may want complimenting pieces and The Irish Gift House has you covered. Diamonds or emeralds are featured on many of our gold Claddagh earrings and gold Claddagh necklaces. The diamonds and emerald (and on some pieces both) are set as either accents or the heart is set with the stones; either way, you may be impressed with our collection. 

This assortment of diamond Claddagh rings is made in Ireland by Solvar Jewelry.