Irish Nutcrackers
Irish Nutcrackers

Irish Nutcrackers

Irish nutcrackers are great for Christmas display and will be an enjoyable addition to any collection. These leprechaun nutcrackers feature wooden construction that is enhanced with hand-painted finishes.

Many of our Irish nutcrackers have similar characteristics of a leprechaun including their green outfits, the pots of gold, and the abundance of shamrocks.

15" Tall!

Irish Nutcracker - Illuminated

Irish nutcracker features a tall statue that is enhanced with a LED illuminated Christmas tree along with shamrocks and a green uniform.
10" Tall

Leprechaun Nutcracker - Pot of Gold

Irish nutcracker features wooden construction that includes a shamrock enhanced beer mug along with a pot with gold coins.
9" Tall!

Irish Nutcracker

Irish nutcracker is a wooden figurine that is holding a pot of gold in one hand and a shamrock enhanced beer mug in the other hand.
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8" Tall

Irish Nutcracker - Wooden

Irish nutcracker features a hand-painted wooden figurine that is enhanced with a functional jaw along with an Irish flag and a pot of gold.
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5" Tall!

Irish Christmas Ornament - Nutcracker

Irish Nutcracker ornament is a wooden design that is complete with a shamrock enhanced beer stein and a fabric jacket with an Irish blackwatch inspired tartan.
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5" Tall!

Irish Christmas Ornament - Leprechaun - Nutcracker

Irish Christmas ornament is a nutcracker that is enhanced with a leprechaun motif that includes shamrocks along with a tankard.
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