Flat Caps

Flat Caps

Flat caps are traditional Irish wool hats that are made in Ireland; they are also commonly known as scally caps among countless other names.
These trendy woolen Irish caps are the traditional design with a stubby snap brim and are woven in Ireland by John Hanly and Company. These flat caps are made from pure Irish wool and are ideal for golfing, driving and for just relaxing. The Irish Gift House offer these fitted scallycaps in tweeds and herringbone patterns along with the popular patch design.

Black Flat Cap - Irish - Wool

Irish flat cap is a classic black color. This flat cap is made in Ireland of pure lamb's wool.

Irish Flat Cap - Wool - Moss Green

Flat cap in moss green features a warm tone that is woven from pure Irish wool.

Flat Cap - Irish - Tweed

Irish flat cap in charcoal tweed is a handsome salt and pepper design that never goes out of style. This scally cap from is made of pure wool.
No Size Medium

Irish Flat Cap - Wool - Gray

Flat caps will prove to be one of the most adaptable hats in your collection. This gray herringbone scally cap, with its woven Irish wool, is no exception.

Irish Cap - Flat - Patch

Flat cap made of patches of pure wool is naturally named an Irish patch cap.

Irish Flat Cap - Wool - Brown

Flat cap made in Ireland of pure Irish wool that is woven in a brown herringbone pattern.
Limited Sizes

Flat Cap - Irish - Wool - Brown

Traditional flat cap woven of Irish lamb's wool in brown herringbone is in the eight piece style.