Guinness Rugby Shirts

Guinness Rugby Shirts

Guinness rugby shirts feature traditional styling such as rubber safety buttons and each Guinness rugby jersey evokes the mystique that is Ireland’s favorite stout.

The Irish Gift House is pleased to offer this assortment of Guinness rugby shirts that are both functional and stylish. You may select from both long sleeve and short sleeve Guinness rugby jerseys and you will also find our Guinness hockey jersey on this page of our site.

Toucan in Flight!

Guinness Rugby Shirt - g2019

Irish rugby shirt features Guinness branding on a classic long sleeve black jersey with cream and grey accenting.
Size Large ONLY

Guinness Rugby Shirt - g2002

Irish rugby shirt features Guinness branding and patch on a classic long sleeve black jersey with cream accenting.
Medium, XXL & 3XL

Guinness Rugby Shirt

Irish rugby shirt features the Guinness trademark along with additional branding on this long sleeve black jersey that is enhanced with cream accenting.
Limited Sizes

Guinness Rugby Shirt - Long Sleeve

Guinness rugby shirt is a green and black long sleeve jersey that features an embroidered Guinness pint. Sorry about the poor quality image.
SALE - size 3XL only

Guinness Rugby Shirt - Short Sleeve

Guinness rugby jersey is a short sleeve black shirt that features green and grey accenting along with a breathable fabric.
Limited Sizes

Guinness Hockey Jersey

Irish hockey jersey features the Guinness harp design on this black and green embroidered shirt. The Guinness hockey shirt with an additional branded motif on the rear along with the both sleeves.
Retired - sold out.

Guinness Rugby Jersey

Guinness rugby shirt is a long sleeve design that is enhanced with a pint along with the iconic toucan.