Belleek Candle Holders

Belleek Candle Holders

These Belleek candle holders also include china figurines for holding votive candles.
The collection of Belleek candle holders at The Irish Gift House includes several votive holders too. Most of the votive candle holder figurines feature Belleek's famous hand painted shamrocks.  You will be amazed how the light of a candle will demonstrate the translucent craftsmanship of Belleek China.

Belleek Candle Stick Holder: Dolphin - Irish China

The Belleek China dolphin candle stick holder is part of the archival collection celebrating 150 years of fine Irish artistry, from 1857 through 2007.
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Belleek Candle Holder: Thatched Cottage - Votive

This Belleek China votive candle holder is in the shape of an Irish thatched cottage.
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Belleek Candle Holder: Quiet Man Cottage

The Belleek Quiet Man Cottage candle holder features hidden shamrocks and is illuminated with a tea light.
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Belleek Candle Holder: St. Patrick’s Church - Votive

The Belleek China St. Patrick’s Church votive candle holder features hand painted shamrocks.
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Belleek Candle Holder: Shamrock Lace - Votive

Belleek shamrock lace candle holder is a pierced votive holder with hand painted shamrocks.
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The warm glow of candlelight is beautiful combination when combined with the translucent china that is Belleek.  From Belleek trinket boxes to the ultimate refinement in china sculpting, the Belleek baskets, any figurine from The Irish Gift House would be a welcome addition to any collection.

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