Belleek Candle Holders

Belleek Candle Holders

Belleek candle holders include china figurines that also serve as votive candle holders. We also feature a collection of Belleek China luminaries.

The collection of Belleek candle holders includes several votive holders too. Most of the votive candle holder figurines feature Belleek's famous hand painted shamrocks.

You will be amazed how the light of a candle will demonstrate the translucent craftsmanship of Belleek China.

Archive Collection

Belleek Candle Holder - Dolphin and Cherub

Belleek candle stick holder features a bisque porcelain cherub riding a dolphin; it is enhanced with both blue and gold accenting.
10" Wide.

Belleek Cottage Lamp - Luminare

Belleek China Irish lamp features an illuminated thatched roof cottage that is enhanced with pierced windows and doors along with embossed detailing and hand painted green shamrock.
11" Tall. Limited Stock

Belleek Lamp - Lighthouse

Belleek lighthouse lamp features a fine china luminary that is enhanced with embossed elements along with pierced details.
Due to the weight and size, this Belleek lamp may ship separately and by ground freight. Typical delivery is 5 - 7 days.

Belleek Candle Holder - Catalina Votive

Belleek Catalina candle holder features pierced fine china that is enhanced with hand painted flowers along with friendly garden insects.
7 3/4" Tall. Limited Stock.

Belleek Castle Light

Belleek castle is a fine china design that is illuminated by LED light and features pierced window openings along with embossed elements and hand painted shamrocks.
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Retired - sold out.

Belleek Cottage Light

Belleek Blarney Cottage light is a fine china design that is illuminated by a LED tea candle and is accented with pierced window openings along with hand painted green shamrocks and embossed detailing.

Belleek Candle Holder - Church

Belleek Irish church is a cross shaped votive candle holder that features a steeple vent and pierced windows along with hand painted accenting that includes a green shamrock and a gold cross.

Belleek Candle Holder - Quiet Man Cottage

Belleek Quiet Man Cottage candle holder features hidden shamrocks and embossed elements along with illumination that is provided with a tea light candle.
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Belleek Candle Holder - Inspired

Belleek candle holder is a vanilla scented wax filled votive with an embossed design from the Inspired collection.
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Belleek Votive - Kells

Belleek China candle holder features hand painted shamrocks along with a sculptured rim and stylized detailing that is inspired from the famous Book of Kells.
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Belleek Candle Holder - Inspired - Tea Light

Belleek candle holder is crafted in the Inspired motif and is designed to hold the included tea light.
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Belleek Candle Holder - Shamrock Lace

Belleek candle holder features fine china that is pierced with shamrock openings and is accented with an embossed lace motif and hand painted green shamrocks.
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Belleek Castle Light - Monea

Belleek China castle is an illuminated sculpture that is enhanced with a hand painted green shamrock along with embossed details and a sculpted parapet roof line.
Sold Out - Retired

Belleek Candle Holder - St Patricks Church

Belleek St. Patrick’s Church candle holder features hand painted shamrocks on fine china that is enhanced with embossed elements along with a vented steeple.
Retired - sold out.

Belleek Candle Holders - Georgian Shell

Belleek candlestick holders are fashioned in the Georgian shell motif that is enhanced with pink hues along with gold accenting.