Belleek Bowls

Belleek Bowls

Belleek bowls feature fine china craftsmanship, creating elaborate works of art. Belleek China bowls are ideal for both display and serving.

Select from china bowls and pots that are handmade at the Belleek Pottery in Ireland. Many of our Belleek bowls feature hand painted shamrocks and several are limited archival or edition pieces.

Archive Collection

Belleek Footed Bowl - Figurine - Echinus

Belleek China Echinus Bowl is a footed figurine that features extraordinary detail along with pink accenting and three bisque mermaids.

Archive Collection

Belleek Bowl - Cardium on Shell

China bowl from Belleek features a large footed shell that is supported by sculptured sea coral. The Belleek China bowl is enhanced with both pink and gold accenting.
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Belleek Bowl - Millennium

Belleek Millennium Bowl features beautiful handcrafted china that showcases a flowered motif of roses, violets, and ivy, that is enhanced with a footed base and sculptured rim.
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Belleek Cashe Pot - Georgian Shell

Belleek bowl or cashe pot is fashioned in the Georgian shell motif that is enhanced with embossed detailing along with pink hues and a gold accenting rim.
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Belleek Bowl - Emerald Isle

Belleek Emerald Isle Bowl is crafted of fine Irish china that is enhanced with a colorful flower motif along with hand painted green shamrocks.


Belleek Bowl - Shamrock - Serving

Belleek China bowl features shamrocks along with the classic embossed basket weave motif; its large size is ideal for serving or mixing.
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SALE! - Pair.

Belleek Claddagh Bowls

Belleek bowls are made of fine china that feature Claddagh icons on both sides and are enhanced with two rows of embossed Celtic knot-work. The Belleek Claddagh bowls are sold as a pair.
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Belleek Mustard Pot - Shamrock

Belleek China mustard pot features fine china construction along with a complementing spoon, both are enhanced with hand painted green shamrocks.
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6" wide.

Belleek Bowl - Trellis Shamrock

Shamrock trellis bowl from Belleek is crafted of fine china that features hand painted shamrocks along with an interlaced motif that is embossed on the base.
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Retired - sold out.

Belleek Bowl - Shamrock Lace

Belleek bowl features the embossed shamrock lace motif along with hand painted green shamrocks.

Belleek Claddagh Bowl - Serving

Belleek Claddagh serving bowl features the famous Irish icon and is enhanced with two rows of interlaced Celtic knot-work embossed on Irish china. The Belleek China Claddagh bowl is a double-sided design.
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Belleek Celtic Dish - Shamrocks

Belleek Celtic dish features fine china construction along with hand painted green shamrocks and embossed knot-work with an interlaced motif.
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6" wide.

Belleek Bowl - Shamrock - 0176

Belleek shamrock bowl features fine china construction along with the classic basket weave motif that is enhanced with hand painted green shamrocks.
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Belleek Claddagh Bowl - Soup

Belleek fine china bowl features an embossed motif with famous Claddagh icon and interwoven Celtic knot-work along with handles.
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Belleek Bowl - Celtic Lace

Belleek Celtic lace bowl features fine china that is enhanced with embossed shamrocks and interwoven knot-work, including the Trinity.
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