Irish Christmas Stockings

Irish Christmas Stockings

Irish Christmas stockings are ready to be hung by the chimney with care. These Christmas stockings, including the Irish prince and Irish princess stockings, are enhanced with shamrocks.

According to legend, hanging a stocking on Christmas Eve evolved with in the 3rd century in what is now part of Turkey. St. Nicholas was a kindly bishop who frequently and anonymously helped those in need and in one instance it was a poor man who did not have any money for a dowry. Subsequently the poor man's daughters could not marry. St. Nick came to the rescue by leaving gold in the daughters' stockings that were hung to dry by the fireplace and thus the tradition began.

Irish Christmas Stocking - Shamrocks

Shamrock Christmas stocking features green cloth material that is enhanced with gold coins along with green fabric shamrocks.
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Irish Christmas Stocking - Prince

Irish Christmas Stocking features green material that is enhanced with an embroidered Irish Prince motif along with green shamrocks.

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Irish Christmas Stocking - Princess

Irish Princess Christmas Stocking features green cloth with white trim that is enhanced with embroidered accenting along with green shamrocks.