St. Patrick's Day Beads

St Patricks Day Beads

St. Patrick's Day beads and charms are a fun way to get your Irish on. Naturally you will find a lot of shamrocks and green is the color of the day.

In addition to our St. Patrick's Day beads, The Irish Gift House, also features a selection of Irish body jewelry and rubber Irish bracelets on this page. Three cheers to glorious St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.


Irish Shot Glass Beaded Necklace - Giant

Irish shot glass is a large plastic vessel that hangs from a green beaded necklace and is fun for celebrating St. Patrick's Day!
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Shamrock Necklaces - Green Bead - Bag of 12

Beaded shamrock necklaces are a fun way to share St. Patrick's Day joy. The Irish necklaces feature a continuous strand of green metallic shamrocks and come in a bag of 12.
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Irish Necklace - Flashing - Kiss Me

St. Patrick's Day necklace features a bright flashing LED light to illuminate the Kiss Me I'm Irish motif that includes a red lips impression.
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Shamrock Necklace - Flashing

St. Patrick's Day jewelry features a bright flashing LED light that will illuminate the shamrock necklace.
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Irish Princess Button

Your coronation begins when you pin on this giant Irish princess button and your reign lasts through St. Patrick's Day.
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St Patricks Day Body Jewelry

Irish body jewelry features Happy St. Patrick's Day along with two leprechaun hats, all enhanced with green sparkles.
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St Patricks Day Body Jewelry - 100 Percent

Irish body jewelry features 100% Irish and two shamrocks, all enhanced with green sparkles.
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Irish Body Jewelry - Lucky Clovers

St. Patrick's Day body jewelry are sparkling designs that feature Get Lucky, clovers and lady bugs.
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St Patricks Day Body Jewelry - Luck of the Irish

Irish body jewelry features Luck of the Irish and clovers that are enhanced with a sparkling green motif.
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St Patricks Day Body Jewelry - Drink to That

Irish body jewelry features beer mugs and a leprechaun's hat that are enhanced with sparkles.
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St Patricks Day Body Jewelry - Kiss Me

Irish body jewelry features Kiss Me along with lips and a shamrock.
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Shamrock Necklace - Light Up

Shamrock charm and the neck cord of this flashing St. Patrick's Day necklace light up with three flashing pattern.
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Shamrock Body Jewelry - St Patricks Day

St. Patrick's Day body jewelry features a green glitter shamrock.
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Irish Body Jewelry - Shamrock

St. Patrick's Day body jewelry features a green shamrock that is enhanced with glitter.
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Rubber St Patricks Day Bracelets - Shamrocks

Rubber Irish bracelets feature cut out shamrocks are ideal for St. Patrick's Day festivities. The shamrock bracelets are only available in the Kelly green color.
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Irish Name Button

Irish first name button features your name in English along with the translation into Gaelic.
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Irish Princess Beaded Necklace

St. Patrick's Day charm is a large, green, plastic design that says, Irish Princess, it dangles from a metallic green beaded chain.
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St. Patrick's Day Necklace - Dial A Shot

St. Patrick's Day jewelry is in the form of a dial a shot game, spin the needle to see your task. This Irish necklace includes a strand of green beads.