ME NAN FOUND A LEPRECHAUN - Irish Children's Book

Printed in Ireland!
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Irish children's book features a soft cover picture book with an illustrated mad cap story titled ME NAN FOUND A LEPRECHAUN.

When Nan (grandmother) finds Mick the Leprechaun, he says that he’ll make all her wishes come true. But every time he wishes it seems to go spectacularly wrong, with hilarious results.

ME NAN FOUND A LEPRECHAUN is an entertaining book that you will enjoy reading with your children or grandchildren. The Irish picture book features colorful, captivating, and pleasurable illustrations that follow the zany, rhyming, story about Mick the Leprechaun who can’t get any magic spells to work correctly.

The first in a series of Nan stories written by David McNiven and illustrated by Margaret Anne Suggs. 28-page soft cover, measures 9 1/2” wide x 9 1/2” tall. Written, illustrated, designed, produced and printed entirely in Ireland. Just one of the many Irish children’s gifts that are available The Irish Gift House.

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