Irish Bridal Gifts
Irish Bridal Gifts

Irish Bridal Gifts

Irish bridal gifts include a good luck horseshoe and a sixpence for her shoe. We also offer the magic hankie for the bride along with shamrock garters.
The Irish believe in custom and tradition, not to mention curses and superstition, so it is easy to understand how Irish wedding traditions are passed from one generation to the next.

The Irish Gift House offers several Irish bridal gifts that reflect ages old Irish wedding rituals, such as the bride carrying a horseshoe or an Irish sixpence in her shoe, both customs are for good luck.

Irish Horseshoe - Shamrocks

Irish horseshoe with shamrocks may be carried by a bride or serve as a wall plaque.
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Belleek Ornament: Our First Christmas Together

Belleek ornament commemorates your first Christmas together and it would make a lovely Irish wedding gift.
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Irish Brides Cap

Irish bride's cap is a white design that features a green shamrock.
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Irish Grooms Cap

Irish groom's cap a green design that features a white shamrock.
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Irish Wedding Hankie - Magic

Bride's Irish hankie features linen along with shamrock lace. This magic wedding hankie may be transformed into a baby bonnet.
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Irish Garter: Green Shamrock Lace

This Irish garter set features a lace design with green shamrocks for the bride along with a garter to throw.
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Irish Garter: White Shamrock Lace

This Irish garter set features a lace design with white shamrocks for the bride along with a garter to throw.
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Sixpence for Her Shoe - Irish

Sixpence in her shoe is an Irish wedding tradition that is based upon the Victorian rhyme along with superstition. An Irish bride would wear a sixpence in her shoe for both luck and prosperity.

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Irish Five Pence for Her Shoe

Irish brides customarily wear a talisman coin in their shoe to bless the loving union with wealth and success. Tradition calls for an Irish sixpence, but those coins may be difficult to obtain as they have been out of circulation since 1969. The next best lucky coin is an Irish five pence.
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Irish Wedding Garter: Shamrock

This Irish wedding garter features a green shamrock.
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Shamrock Garter

This Irish garter features white shamrocks on lace and it is ideal for a bride on her wedding day.
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Irish Garter

This Irish bride's garter features a large white shamrock on lace material.
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Irish Wedding Garter

This shamrock garter features a green on white contrast that will enthusiastically display your Irish pride.
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Irish Christmas Ornament - Bride and Groom

The bride and groom on this Irish Christmas ornament are enhanced with green shamrocks.
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Irish Horseshoe Ornament with Shamrocks

This porcelain Irish Christmas ornament features a horseshoe that is enhanced with shamrocks.
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Irish Charms - Pewter

Pewter Irish charms include a lucky horseshoe and they may be carried by a bride on her wedding day.
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Irish Confetti - Shamrocks and Leprechauns

This metallic Irish confetti features shamrocks, leprechauns and coins.
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Belleek Horseshoe

Irish horseshoe features shamrocks along with a blessing of good luck and it may be carried by a bride or serve as a wall plaque.

The Irish Gift House offers a wide range of wedding gifts and accessories that includes Irish ring bearer pillows along with Claddagh guest books.

In days of old, an Irish bride would carry a real horseshoe for luck. This horseshoe would later be hung above the home's door for continued luck throughout the marriage; always keeping the horseshoe upright or the luck would run out. In modern Irish wedding ceremonies a lighter decorative horseshoe is often substituted for a heavy metal horseshoe.

Please take a look at our Irish wedding traditions section for more information about Irish wedding customs.

The Irish bride and the Irish groom are each going to need one of our Claddagh wedding bands or one of our Celtic wedding bands. We have a tremendous selection of both styles and they are all made in Ireland.