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Irish Garden Statue - Gnome - Pot of Gold

Irish gnome is a 14” tall garden statue that features shamrock embossed pot of gold coins along with interlaced Celtic knot-work accenting on his hat, cuffs, and boots.
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Irish Garden Statue - Gnome

Irish garden gnome features a 14” tall figurine that features a bouquet of green shamrocks in his left hand along with his pet frog by his right boot, also with a bouquet of green shamrocks.
14" Tall

Irish Angel Garden Statue - boe554

Irish garden angel features a cement statue that is enhanced with a bouquet of shamrocks along with green glass accented wings and gown.
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Shamrock Wall Hanging - Horseshoes

Shamrock plaque is a rustic design that crafted from used metal horseshoes; it would be ideal for your wall or as an Irish garden decoration.
12" Tall!

Irish Garden Statue - Welcome - Frog

Irish welcome sign is held by a happy garden frog who is enhanced with embossed detailing that includes shamrocks.
Solar - 8.5" Tall!

Leprechaun Garden Statue - Solar - Flower Cart

Leprechaun statue will add adorable accent lighting to your garden with his solar powered, LED illuminated flowers. This leprechaun garden decor features shamrocks along with a flower cart.
9" x 8.5"

Irish Angel Garden Stone - Blessing - Shamrocks

Irish garden stone features a blessing along with a dimensional angel that is enhanced with embossed detailing along green shamrocks and a dove.
8" Tall

Celtic Cross Garden Stone - Irish Blessing - 47559

Irish garden stone features the Irish Blessing along with a standing Celtic cross that is enhanced with embossed knot-work.
11" Tall

Leprechaun Garden Statue - Coin

Leprechaun statue would look grand in your Irish garden or in your home. The colorful leprechaun garden decor features a wink of his eye and a gold coin in his hand.
Retired - sold out.

Shamrock Wall Hanging - Horseshoes - Pony

Shamrock wall decoration is a rustic metal plaque that crafted from used pony horseshoes; it would make an Irish garden decoration or may hang on a wall or above a door.
15" Wide

Irish Blessing Garden Stone

Irish garden stone features the first line of the Irish Blessing along with an embossed shamrocks that is enhanced with interlaced Celtic knot-work.
8 Inches Tall!

Irish Garden Gnome Planter

Irish garden gnome features a stone look, functional, planter along with a colorfully embossed character and green shamrock accenting.
10" Tall

Irish Angel Garden Statue - Solar

Irish angel is a garden statue that features a solar illuminated green shamrock in her hands along with an additional shamrock and green and orange accented embossed stones on the base.
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1 Left - 10" x 5 1/2"

Irish Blessing Garden Stone - Metal

Irish garden stone features solid metal construction that is enhanced with a green accented Celtic cross shamrocks along with the Irish Blessing.
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7" Tall

Leprechaun Garden Statue - boe570

Leprechaun garden statue is peeking around a flower blossom that is enhanced with an embossed shamrock and butterfly.
7.5" Tall

Leprechaun Garden Statue - boe569

Leprechaun garden statue is laying on a ball that is enhanced with allover embossed shamrocks and has an additional embossed shamrock on his hat.

Irish Blessing Plaque - Happiness

Irish blessing plaque features embossed Celtic knot-work along with a recipe for happiness; it is suitable for outdoor use.
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Irish Blessing Plaque - Live Now

Irish blessing plaque features embossed Celtic knot-work with an interwoven motif; it is suitable for both outdoor and indoor display.
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Irish Blessing Plaque - Claddagh - Celtic Knots

Irish blessing plaque features an embossed Claddagh symbol along with interlaced Celtic knot-work; it is suitable as garden decor.
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Irish Wind Chime - Angel - Stained Glass

Irish wind chime features a stained-glass angel that is enhanced with a green shamrock along with a shamrock charm dangling below the chimes.
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Irish Garden Stone - Good Luck

Irish garden stone features an embossed horseshoe along with an uplifting message.
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Irish Garden Thermometer - Shamrocks

Irish garden thermometer features embossed green shamrocks and red ladybugs along with the Kiss Me, I'm Irish motif.
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Over 9" Tall.

Irish Garden Stake - Shamrocks

Irish garden stake features green shamrocks along with embossed detailing and a greeting; it may also be hung on the wall as a plaque.
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Shamrock Wind Chime - Brass

Irish wind chime features brass construction that is enhanced with an embossed shamrock.
25" Tall - Back Soon?

Celtic Garden Cross - Standing

Standing Celtic cross for your Irish garden is a large design that features a double-sided knot-work motif that is enhanced with  interlaced lines.