Irish Gifts for the Home

Irish Gifts for the Home

Irish gifts for the home is one of our most inclusive categories with hundreds of ideas that will proudly express your Irish heritage.

Immerse yourself in assortment of Irish Gifts that includes the traditional to the whimsical with each Irish Gifts for the Home category divided for easy navigation.   From your front door adorned with an Claddagh door knocker to the backyard display of an Celtic garden gift, The Irish Gift House has everything you need to add a wee bit of Irish to your home.

Additional examples of what you will find in this category are the very popular shamrock gifts section in this category; here you will find the fashionable four leaf clovers that feature an engraved Irish blessing on the back. 

We could have really squeezed many additional items into the Irish gifts for the home category, such as the Celtic wall crosses and the Irish blessing plaques, but we decided to give them their own respective sections.

The same is true for the Irish dinnerware section that includes platters and plates, and the Irish aprons that are great for the kitchen or the grill; you will find these items in the Irish kitchen gifts section.

There are plenty of items in the Irish barware category such as the Irish whiskey glasses and the Celtic goblets that would have also fit well in the gifts for the home section, but we didn't want to make the category too crowded.

Naturally, the Belleek vases and the Belleek trinket boxes, along with all the Belleek China, is deserving of its own category. After all, this finest of Irish china has been made along the banks of the river Erne since 1857
For the sake of easy navigation we placed together all the Irish blessing gifts, such as the Irish blessing plates and the shamrocks with the engraved blessing. The same condition is the reason why the Irish wedding gifts, including the Celtic tiaras and the Irish wedding cake toppers, are separate from the gifts for the home section.

It is fitting that the Mullingar Pewter Champaign flutes and the Mullingar Pewter tankards would have their own home under the Mullingar Pewter banner; especially when you consider that there are over 25 sub sections in this category.

Babies are so precious that they also receive their own Irish baby gifts heading. Here you will find the Irish baby keepsakes that features sentimental cups with the Claddagh, shamrocks and Celtic knots. You will also find Irish baby blankets that are suitable as an Irish baptism gift or as a receiving blanket. What you will not find is our assortment of smaller jewelry; for that please visit our Irish baby jewelry page where you will find diminutive versions of earrings, necklaces and bracelets that are sized for babies and children. However, the smaller sized Claddagh rings may be found with the sterling silver Claddagh rings along with the gold Claddagh rings.

The Irish Gift House has one of the most complete collections of Galway Crystal; the collection includes Irish crystal vases and Irish crystal bowls that are cut from 24% leaded crystal.

Unlike the Belleek China, that is crafted from Parian clay, the Royal Tara China, that includes an assortment of Irish Christmas ornaments, is made from bone china. We are not saying that one is necessarily better than the other, but each is deserving of its own section.

The Connemara marble gifts, like many of the other sections, could easily have been incorporated into the Irish gifts for the home category, but we didn't want the Connemara marble rosaries and the related items lost in the shuffle. Please note that the Connemara marble necklaces and the Connemara marble crosses can be found in the main index titled Irish jewelry, then scroll down to the Connemara marble jewelry section.

If you are looking for an Irish t-shirt, a woolen flat cap or a shamrock tie, look no further than the Irish clothing section where you will also find rugby shirts and Celtic sweatshirts.

If you didn't see it for yourself, you would never believe that we have so many Irish golf gifts that include everything from Irish sport shirts to Irish flasks with a golf motif. These items were begging for their own section, so they got it.

The Irish gift for women section has several categories that are exclusively found here such as the Irish perfume and the Irish soap. The Irish gifts for men section may boast the same consideration as you will only find the Irish Walking Sticks along with the Celtic Zippo lighters and the Irish money clips under this banner.

Are you starting to get the feeling that we have a lot of product on our site?  Well we are not finished yet and we haven't ever touched upon the Celtic jewelry index category that includes the sterling silver Celtic necklaces or the index category of Celtic wedding rings that includes a huge collection of Celtic knot wedding bands along with Trinity wedding band and Celtic warrior shield wedding bands

Hang on because we also have
Jameson merchandise and a host of Guinness gifts that includes Guinness t-shirts, Guinness merchandise and Guinness rugby shirts!

We would be remiss if we didn't mention the Irish coat of arms section; here you will find the Irish coat of arms glassware and the Irish coat of arms gifts. Just think of the pride you will be beaming when you are wearing one of the many selections of Irish coat of arms clothing. Additional considerations for showing your unique Irish pride include the selections of personalized Irish gifts.

There are about a dozen additional sections, such as the St. Patrick's Day gifts and the St. Patrick's Day decorations, that we could have also shoehorned into the Irish gifts for the home category, but we think that you will agree that it would have been an overload.