Retired - sold out.

Irish Bird Feeder - Angel - Cottage

Irish bird feeder is in the form of a cottage that is enhanced with interwoven Celtic knot-work along with an angel and the word Fáilte.
Retired - Sold Out.

Irish Angel Bird Feeder - Celtic Knot-Work

Irish bird feeder features a standing angel that is enhanced with interlaced Celtic knot-work wings.
Retired - sold out.

Celtic Cross Garden Stone - Home Blessing

Celtic cross garden stone features a home blessing along with two additional stylized, embossed, crosses.
Retired - Sold Out

Irish Wind Chime - Stained Glass

Irish wind chime features a large stained-glass clover with an interlaced Celtic knot-work motif, along with shamrock accenting.
Retired - Sold Out

Celtic Cross Wind Chime - Irish Stained Glass

Irish wind chime features a large stained-glass Celtic cross that is accented with shamrocks and interlaced knot-work.
Retired - Sold Out.

Irish Blessing Plaque - Celtic Knots

Irish Blessing Plaque is suitable for outdoor or indoor use; it features two interlaced Celtic knot-work rows that are enhanced with embossed detailing.

Retired - sold out.

Irish Plaque - Bless You

Irish blessing plaque features embossed Celtic knot-work and it is suitable for both inside the home and as garden decor.
Retired - sold out.

Irish Garden Stone - Good Luck

Irish garden stone features an embossed horseshoe along with an uplifting message.
Retired - Sold Out.

Irish Garden Stone - Cead Mile Failte

Celtic garden stone features an interlaced Trinity knot along with the traditional Irish welcome embossed on the face.
Retired - sold out.

Irish Wind Chimes - Clovers

Irish wind chime features four-leaf clovers that dangle about the metal chime tubes.