Mullingar Pewter Sherry Glass Set

Mullingar Pewter Sherry Glass Set

Mullingar Pewter sherry set features Celtic knots on the glasses and on the tray.
This pewter sherry set, from The Irish Gift House, will set an elegant after dinner mood for you and your guests. The pewter sherry glasses and tray are made in Ireland by Mullingar Pewter and feature a Celtic knot-work motif.

Sherry Glass Set - Mullingar Pewter

Irish sherry set features fine lead-free pewter glasses and tray that are embellished with embossed with Celtic knot-work.

You may wish to complement these sherry glasses with the Mullingar Pewter tea and coffee service; you will then have created an ensemble for entertaining.

Additional considerations that will intrigue your family and guests include the Celtic goblets that feature embossed motifs that include legends and saints. The Irish coat of arms barware is another option for creating a statement as your family's emblem is proudly etched on the vessels.

For less formal occasions the Mullingar Pewter tankards are an interesting choice for lifting a pint or for your favorite drink.