Mullingar Pewter
Mullingar Pewter
Mullingar Pewter

Mullingar Pewter

Mullingar Pewter is renowned for their beautiful, yet functional, Irish pewter gifts that includes Celtic tankards and Claddagh Champaign flutes.

A gift of Mullingar Pewter is appropriate for any Irish or Celtic occasion especially if one wishes to invoke their proud Irish heritage. Many of the Mullingar Pewter creations feature Irish or Celtic icons with the most popular being the Claddagh and Celtic knot-work. Additionally, Mullingar Pewter depicts Irish legends or saints on several of their handsome goblets and tankards.

Modern pewter, such as that made by Mullingar, is very similar to the earliest examples produced in Ireland some 800 years ago except that today it is lead-free and safe for use with beverages and food. In the mid-seventies Mullingar rejuvenated the ages old technique of making pewter and today is known worldwide for their exquisite lead-free pewter.

The Irish Gift House is proud to offer and stock the entire range of Mullingar Pewter products.

Sold as pairs.

Irish Coasters - Pewter

Irish coasters feature lead-free pewter that showcases an embossed country scene with a cottage that is accented with a Celtic knot-work border.
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Some of the finest drink ware at The Irish Gift House is from Mullingar and fine examples are found in the Mullingar Pewter goblets.  Additionally you may wish to lift a pint and toast with a Mullingar Pewter tankard or sip your favorite Irish whiskey from one of their flasks, shot glasses or whiskey glasses; these vessels are for serious drinking. 

For an Irish celebration of the highest caliber, an Irish wedding, we have for the libations and for the bride and groom's toast an assortment of Mullingar Pewter champagne flutes that proudly display the Claddagh or Celtic knot-work. These toasting flutes are just one illustration of the fine Mullingar Pewter Irish wedding gifts that we offer as you will also find their wedding bell and pewter candle holders among many possibilities.
Among the household items that make extraordinary Irish gifts you may select from Mullingar Pewter jewelry boxes and Celtic or Claddagh picture frames.

To prominently display your faith take a look at the fine assortment of Mullingar Pewter Celtic crosses and the St. Brigid's cross too.