Leprechaun Doll - Ornament

Leprechaun doll is a plush ornament that features a red beard along with a green hat and a gold shamrock.
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Celtic Stained Glass Sun Catcher Ornament - Trinity

Celtic stained glass ornament features colorful interlaced knot-work and may also be used as a sun catcher in your window.
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Celtic Angel Stained Glass Ornament - Sun Catcher

Celtic angel is a stained glass sun catcher that is enhanced with interlaced knot-work; the Irish angle sun catcher may also serve as an Irish Christmas ornament.
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Irish Christmas Ornament - Truck - Erin Go Bragh

Irish Christmas ornament features a porcelain big rig truck that is enhanced with the Gaelic words Erin Go Bragh along with several rows of green shamrocks.
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SALE! - 5" Tall.

Irish Christmas Ornament - Toy Soldier - Bell

Irish Toy Soldier ornament is also a functional bell that is enhanced with a green shamrock on his hat along with a red hanging ribbon.

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Irish Santa Christmas Ornament - Flag

Irish Christmas ornament features Santa weaving a tricolor Irish flag and holding a shamrock accented pot of gold coins.
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Exclusive Design

Irish Dance Christmas Ornament

Irish Christmas ornament features dimensional hard shoes with gold accenting along with the words Step Dancer and a shamrock, both in green color.
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Celtic Cross Tree Ornament - sch04gold

Celtic Christmas ornament features a white porcelain Celtic cross that is enhanced with embossed knot-work that includes gold Trinity knots.
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Irish Nativity Ornament

Irish Christmas Nativity ornament features the Holy Family in an open stable that is enhanced with green shamrocks and a gold star.
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Tea Bag Holder Too!

Irish Christmas Ornament - Blessing - sch29

Irish blessing ornament features a porcelain teapot shape that enhanced with shamrocks along with a traditional verse.
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Irish Christmas Ornament - Snowman - Tassel

Irish Snowman Christmas ornament is accented with a pot of gold along with glittered shamrocks and sits on a tassel with shamrock enhanced ribbon.

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9 feet long.

Irish Christmas Ornaments - Beer Mug - Garland

Irish Christmas garland features a beaded strand of green beer mugs charms that are accented with a frosty head.
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Double-sided. 1 Left!

Irish Christmas Ornament - Step Dance

Irish step dancer ornament is a double-sided design that includes an Irish blessing along with interwoven Celtic knot-work accenting.
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Irish Christmas Ornament - Claddagh - Double-Sided

Claddagh Christmas ornament features a distressed, double-sided design with the look of wood; it is enhanced with embossed elements.
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Irish Christmas Ornament - Shamrock - Truck

Irish Christmas ornament is a shamrock enhanced truck, with white glittered accenting and the Irish flag, delivering a glittered Christmas tree.

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Irish Angel Ornament - Blessing - Children

Irish Christmas tree ornament is an angel in flight that is holding a dove and features a child's blessing along with scattered green shamrocks.

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Irish Christmas Ornament - Bride and Groom

Bride and groom Irish Christmas ornament features white porcelain that is enhanced with green shamrocks along with embossed detailing.
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Irish Angel Christmas Ornament - Shamrock

Irish angel Christmas ornament features an angel in flight who is holding a dove and is enhanced with scattered green shamrocks.

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Irish Christmas Ornament - Kitchen - Blessing

Irish kitchen blessing ornament features a porcelain teapot that is enhanced with shamrocks along with interwoven knot-work and embossed detailing.
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Irish Santa Ornament - Mug - j7455m

Irish Christmas ornament features Santa hanging onto a mug of Irish coffee that is enhanced with an embossed shamrock on each side.
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Irish Santa Ornament - Hat - j7455h

Irish Christmas ornament features Santa resting on a leprechaun's hat that is filled with glittered gold coins and is enhanced with glittered green shamrocks.
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Irish Santa Christmas Ornament - Pot - j7455p

Irish ornament features Santa sitting on a leprechaun's pot that is filled with glittered gold coins and is enhanced with glittered green shamrocks.
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Irish Santa Ornament - Dancing - e0574

Irish Christmas ornament features Santa dancing a jig in his green outfit that is accented with gold trim and gold shamrock buttons on his vest.
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Irish Horseshoe Ornament - sch38h

Irish Christmas ornament features a porcelain horseshoe that is enhanced with shamrocks along with the word Ireland and a green ribbon.
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Irish Blessing Ornament - Shamrock - sch03bl

Shamrock ornament features an Irish blessing on a porcelain design that enhanced with additional shamrocks along with four-leaf clovers and a gold accented border.
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