Child size Claddagh rings feature our smallest Irish designs that start with size 3 or 3 1/2. These children’s Claddagh rings are also suitable for women with smaller features.

Our smallest Claddagh rings are suitable for children. The child size Claddagh rings are crafted in either sterling silver or gold by Solvar Jewelry, Ireland.

The Irish Gift House suggests that you select a ring that fits the child’s largest finger, so that you may move the ring to a smaller finger as the child grows.

Light Weight - 14K Gold

Child's Claddagh Ring - White Gold - 2549c

Claddagh ring for children is a smaller light-weight design that features white gold construction along with embossed detailing.
Small - Med. Weight - 14K

Child's Claddagh Ring - Gold - 2455c

Claddagh ring for children is a small design with 14K gold construction that is enhanced with a puffed heart along with a hallow back and embossed detailing.
Small - 14K Gold

Claddagh Ring - Child's - White Gold

Claddagh ring for children is our smallest white gold design; it is suitable for a baby or child or a woman with smaller fingers.

Child's Claddagh Ring - Gold - 2987c

Mini Claddagh ring features lightweight 10K gold construction that is enhanced with embossed detailing; it would be an ideal size for a child.
Great for Children

Child's Claddagh Ring - Sterling Silver

Claddagh ring for children features embossed sterling silver construction and would be a good size for a child or for a women with smaller fingers.
Suitable for a Child

Claddagh Ring for Children - Sterling Silver - 2280c

Sterling silver Claddagh ring is a light weight embossed design that would be an ideal size ring for a child or a teen.
Smallest Ring

Claddagh Ring for Children - Sterling Silver - 2279

Child's Claddagh ring is our smallest and lightest weight design; it features sterling silver construction that is enhanced with embossed detailing in the crown along with the hands and cuffs.