Irish Jigsaw Puzzles

Irish Jigsaw Puzzles

Irish jigsaw puzzles are perfect Irish gifts for the both the enthusiastic and the occasional puzzle maker. Naturally our Irish jigsaw puzzles are complete with shamrocks and also feature Celtic crosses and the beautiful scenery of Ireland.
Pour yourself a hot cuppa tea and immerse yourself with one of the Irish puzzles from The Irish Gift House.  You may even wish to make your Irish jigsaw puzzle a family project.

Irish Jigsaw Puzzle: Shamrock Quilt

Irish Gifts - Full Color Irish Chain Shamrock Quilt and Pastoral Cottage Jigsaw Puzzle!

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Irish Jigsaw Puzzle: Shamrock Shaped

Irish Gifts - Full Color Shamrock Shaped Irish Jigsaw Puzzle with Cottage, Celtic Cross and More!
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The trefoil design is represented in much more than just Irish jigsaw puzzles at The Irish Gift House as we have a complete section that is dedicated to just shamrock gifts.

If you are looking for a gift of a more personal nature that embodies the tiny three leaf plant that is synonymous with Ireland, we would like to direct you toward our gold shamrock necklaces that are offered in traditional styles and also enhanced versions that include diamonds or emeralds.

Complement your necklace choice with a stunning pair of gold shamrock earrings and complete your collection with a shamrock bracelet.

If silver is your color of choice, you are still in luck as we have a large selection of silver shamrock necklaces that includes several that are accented with Connemara marble.  Naturally you may wish to add a pair of silver shamrock earrings and for these you may choose a pair with either stud or drop findings.