Retired, Sold Out.

Irish Bell - Figurine

Irish bell is a porcelain figurine of a lass that is enhanced with shamrocks along with embossed detailing and a colorful motif.
Retired - sold out.

Standing Celtic Cross Figurine

Celtic cross is a standing miniature design that features intricate detail, including an interlaced knot-work motif.
Retired - Sold Out.

Irish Cottage Miniature

Irish miniature figurine is a labourer's cottage that features intricate detail that includes a thatched roof along with tools and stacked turf.
Retired - sold out.

Leprechaun - Declans Finnians - Gael Ore

Irish figurine is Gael Ore, a Declan's Finnian leprechaun, who has dug up his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Due to the weight and size, this Irish figurine ships separately and ONLY by ground freight. Typical delivery is 5 - 7 days.
Retired - Sold Out.

Leprechaun Figurine - Royal Tara China

Leprechaun figurine is a fine china sculpture named Paddy and the Pint that is accented with a pint along with a pot of gold and shamrocks.
Sorry, Sold Out.

Declans Finnians - Birthday - Liam

Irish figurine is Liam, a Declan's Finnian leprechaun. He is wishing you a great year from inside of a layered birthday cake.
Retired, Sold Out.

Irish Christmas Ornament - Declans Finnians - Nollag Gra

Declan’s Finnians are the guardians of the Blarney Stone and the Nollag Gra Irish ornament means Christmas love in English.
Retired - sold out.

Irish Figurine - Tossing A Little Luck - Precious Moments

Irish figurine is a lass that is called Tossing a Little Luck Your Way. The Irish lass figurine is enhanced with red hair and freckles along with a horseshoe and shamrock.