Irish Bell - Figurine

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Irish bell is a porcelain figurine of a lass that is enhanced with shamrocks along with embossed detailing and a colorful motif.

All of the bells from The Irish Gift House include the Irish bell history card with the following verse:
An old Irish tradition is to give a bell on the occasion of a wedding. A decisive moment is always announced by the ringing of a bell and in Irish culture it is no different. The bell affords good luck and if at any time during the marriage there is discord, the ancient Irish remedy for lovers quarrels is to ring this make up bell, breaking the spirit of discord and renewing the spirit of love.

This Irish bell is a porcelain figurine of an Irish lass who features blonde hair and blue eyes along with shamrocks galore. The Irish lass bell features a colorful design that measures 3" wide x 5 1/2" tall; it is suitable as a decoration or as an alternate version of the Irish make up bell. The Irish lass is gift boxed with shamrock and Irish bell history cards, complements of The Irish Gift House.
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