Irish Snowman

Irish Snowman

Irish snowman decorations are enhanced with shamrocks or interlaced Celtic knot-work. Select from a collection that includes Irish snowmen figurines along with ornaments.

The best thing about an Irish snowman is that he will not melt away after Christmas is over; you may want to keep them out all year. These Irish snowmen figurines and ornaments, along with an Irish snow woman, are dressed warmly to keep out the chill; naturally they are complete with shamrocks or Celtic knot-work.

Illuminated - 19" Tall!

Irish Snowman - Shamrocks - LED

Irish snowman figurine is a large design that is complete with shamrocks and an illuminated lantern. The illuminated Irish snowman is further enhanced with embossed detailing on his coat, face, and scarf.
10" Tall

Irish Snowmen Figurine - Shamrocks

Irish snowmen are ready for Christmas with their silver sled. The Irish snowman figurine features embossed detailing that includes shamrock shape buttons on their jackets along with additional shamrocks accenting the top hat and sled.
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9" Tall.

Irish Snowman - Shamrock

Irish snowman features a knit hat and sweater that is enhanced with an Aran Island motif along with a green shamrock. The shamrock snowman is complete with an embossed broom; he would make a great Christmas decoration.
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14" Tall.

Irish Snowman - Dances and Sings

Irish snowman features green shamrocks on his overall and knit hat. The Irish snowman figurine sings and dances to Jingle Bells.
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7 1/4" Tall.

Irish Snowman - Shamrocks

Irish snowman showcases a road sign with an Irish Christmas blessing and a green shamrock. The shamrock snowman is enhanced with an embossed scarf along with a black top hat that is accented with a green shamrock.
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9 1/2" Tall.

Irish Snowman Figurine - Shamrocks

Irish snowman features loads of shamrock charms along with a pair of birds on his shoulder and a carrot nose. The shamrock snowman is also enhanced with embossed detailing on his hat, scarf, and jacket.
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Retired -sold out.

Irish Snowman - Celtic

Irish snowman Christmas decoration features a wood carved look that is enhanced with a pot of gold along with interwoven Celtic knot-work and shamrocks.
SALE - 6 1/2" Tall.

Irish Snowman Figurine

Irish snowman features a red Santa suit and he is enhanced with a green shamrock in one hand and a pipe in the other along with an additional green shamrock on his back top hat.
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Retired - sold out.

Irish Snowman - Heritage

Irish Christmas decoration features a heritage snowman that is enhanced with shamrocks and a harp along with an Irish flag and a carrot nose.

Irish Christmas Ornament - Snowman - Candy Cane

Irish snowman ornament is a white porcelain Christmas decoration that is enhanced with green shamrocks and a candy cane along with embossed elements.

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Irish Salt and Pepper Shakers - Snowmen

Irish salt and pepper shaker set feature a pair of Irish snowmen that are enhanced with green shamrocks along with embossed detailing on their hats and scarves.
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Retired - sold out.

Irish Christmas Ornament - Snowman - Illuminated

Irish snowman Christmas ornament features LED lighting along with pierced shamrock openings and a shamrock shaped sign.

Irish Christmas Ornament - Snowman - Tassel

Irish Snowman Christmas ornament is accented with a pot of gold along with glittered shamrocks and sits on a tassel with shamrock enhanced ribbon.

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Irish Snowman Christmas Ornament - 9115a

Irish ornament features a skating snowman who is enhanced with shamrocks on his bulbous belly along with embossed elements that include a hat and scarf.

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Irish Snowman Christmas Ornament - 9115b

Irish ornament features an ice-skating snowman who is enhanced with a shamrock on his sweater along with glittered accenting and embossed detailing that includes a carrot nose.

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Irish Christmas Ornament - Snowman - Lantern

Irish ornament features snowman that is enhanced with a lantern and a pot of gold along with embossed detailing.

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Sold out for 2021.

Irish Christmas Ornament - Snowman - Flag

Irish ornament features a dimensional snowman that is enhanced with an Irish flag along with a pot of gold and embossed detailing.

Only 1 Left.

Irish Snowman Ornament-c7127m

Irish Christmas ornament is a snowman that features green glittered shamrocks along with a pot 'o gold and a bird in his hand.

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Irish Christmas Ornament - Snowman - Whimsical

Irish Snowman Christmas ornament features a whimsical design that is enhanced with dangling shoes along with white shamrocks and green accenting.

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Irish Christmas Ornament - Snowman - Blessing

Irish snowman Christmas tree ornament features shamrocks and embossed detailing along with a sign that is enhanced with an Irish blessing.
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Irish Snowman Ornament

Irish Christmas ornament features a cute snowman that is accented with a green shamrock along with embossed elements that inlcude a hat and scarf.

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Illuminated + Sale

Irish Christmas Ornament - Snowman - Lights

Irish Snowman Christmas ornament features a bulbous green nose that lights up along with a boat load of green shamrocks.

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Irish Snowman Ornament - Pot O Gold

Irish Christmas ornament features a snowman dancing on a pot o' gold. The Irish snowman ornament is enhanced with embossed detailing that includes green shamrocks.
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Irish Christmas Ornament - Snowman - j1248p

Irish snowman Christmas ornament features a derby hat and a pipe along with a scarf and a pot of green shamrocks. 

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Irish Christmas Ornament - Snowman - j1248s

Irish snowman Christmas tree ornament is holding a pot of shamrocks and is accented with embossed details that include a hat and scarf and a carrot nose.
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No matter what you collect or desire to give this Christmas, even Celtic snowflake jewelry, The Irish Gift House can help make it happen.  Remember that you may request a gift note and gift wrapping; these are complementary services when we are shipping directly to your gift recipient.