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Declans Finnians
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Irish figurine is Cuchulainn, a Declan's Finnian leprechaun, who is riding a rabbit that is enhanced with embossed detailing along with an accent stone from Blarney quarry.

Declan's Finnian, Cuchulainn, is a collector's item that was originally introduced in 1994. This Irish figurine is limited to remaining stock.

This Irish figurine is named Cuchulainn; he one of Declan's Finnians, the Guardians of the Blarney Stone. Cuchulainn is leprechaun who is riding a rabbit; he features a green top hat that is enhanced with an embossed shamrock. The Irish figurine also features a stone from the same quarry that was sourced to build Blarney Castle.

This leprechaun figurine is made of hand painted resin and measures 4" wide x 5 1/2" long x 7 1/4" tall. Cuchulainn is a numbered edition.

The Finnian figurine is received with a shamrock history card, complements of The Irish Gift House. Please note that this item is not boxed. This item is imported.   

These remaining collectible Finnians had been "Lost" in our storage.