Irish Coffee Glasses - Footed

Liffey Artefacts
Retired - sold out.
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Irish coffee glasses are a footed pair that feature a colorful map of Ireland along with the ingredient measurements.

The recipe for traditional Irish coffee is printed on the box:
Pour a measure of Irish whiskey into a warm coffee glass.
Add sugar to taste.
Fill glass to measure with strong black coffee.
Stir to dissolve sugar.
Top with pure or whipped cream.
Do not stir again in order to get the taste of coffee and whiskey through the cream.

This pair of Irish coffee glasses features two different designs with one glass etched with the Irish blessing and the other with a map of Ireland. The reverse side of both footed glasses with handles feature hash marks for the recipe ingredients. This gift boxed pair of colorful Irish glasses are 5 1/2" tall and hold 7 ounces of Irish coffee. The traditional style Irish coffee mugs are made in Ireland by Liffey Artefacts.