Irish Coffee Glasses
Irish Coffee Glasses

Irish Coffee Glasses

Irish coffee glasses are offered in the traditional style, footed with handles. Our Irish coffee glasses range from the humorous to fine Belleek China along with Galway Crystal.
The principle difference between regular coffee and Irish coffee is the added Irish whiskey along with brown sugar and floating cream; these Irish coffee glasses are perfectly designed for this cocktail. The Irish Gift House offers various designs that are enhanced with shamrocks and Celtic knots along with the ingredients and the recipe.

Irish Coffee Glasses - Belleek

Belleek Irish coffee mugs feature shamrocks along with an embossed basket weave design on fine china.
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Irish Coffee Glasses - Galway Crystal

Irish coffee glasses feature crystal that is etched with ingredient marks along with shamrocks galore.
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Irish Coffee Glasses - Trinity - Galway Crystal

Celtic Irish coffee glasses feature fine crystal that is enhanced with etched Trinity knots along with shamrocks.
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Irish Coffee Glasses - Blessing - Galway Crystal

Irish coffee glasses feature the Irish blessing along with shamrocks etched on this crystal pair.
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Irish Coffee Glasses - Recipe

Irish coffee glasses include an etched shamrock on the front along with the recipe ingredient fill lines on the reverse side.
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Irish Coffee Glasses - Tree of Life

Tree of Life Irish coffee glasses feature an etched motif that is enhanced with Celtic knot-work.
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Irish Coffee Glasses - Footed

Irish coffee glasses are a footed pair that feature a map of Ireland along with the ingredient measurements.
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Irish Coffee Glass - Recipe - Leprechaun

Irish coffee glass features a humorous message and a leprechaun along with shamrocks and a recipe.
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Irish Coffee Mug - Claddagh - Footed

Irish coffee glass is a footed mug that features the Claddagh and Celtic knot-work along with a traditional blessing.
Please note that we only have one Claddagh coffee mug in stock.
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This creative version of coffee was first served by Joe Sheridan to some American tourists one dismal winter night in 1942 after they had landed at Shannon Airport in Co. Clare, Ireland.  To help cut the chill, Sheridan added Irish whiskey, sugar and cream to the passengers' coffee and Irish coffee was born.

This after dinner drink is prepared by warming, but not boiling, 2 2/3 ounces of black coffee, 1 1/3 ounce Irish whiskey and 1 teaspoon of brown sugar that is stirred until it is dissolved; note that the sugar is essential for the next ingredient, the cream, to float.  Pour the mixture into an Irish coffee glass and carefully pour thick cream over the back of a spoon.  The layer of cream will float on top of the coffee and you will build the layer of cream above the rim of the Irish coffee glass.   Do not stir the cream into the beverage as you will sip the cocktail through the cream.

The Irish Gift House also offers a collection of Irish coffee mugs that you would use for a regular cup of joe.