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Irish Wind Chime: Stained Glass

This Irish wind chime features a large stained glass clover with a Celtic knot motif, along with shamrock accenting.
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Celtic Cross Wind Chime - Irish Stained Glass

Irish wind chime features a large stained glass Celtic cross that is accented with shamrocks and knot-work.

Irish Picture Frame with Celtic Knots, Stained Glass

This stained glass Irish picture frame features a Celtic Trinity knot in each corner. Sorry, this Irish photo frame is now sold out.

Irish Picture Frame: Stained Glass Shamrocks

This Irish stained glass picture frame features shamrocks.
The stained glass gifts section at The Irish Gift House is comprised of selections that can also be found in additional sections such as on the Irish lamps page or the Celtic fireplace screens category, so you may wish to visit those pages to see the complementing items.  You may also wish to visit our Irish night lights for additional considerations.

An additional consideration is to browse the Irish Christmas ornaments because there we have dozens of extra options that aren't stained glass.  This is also the case with our assortments of Celtic cross gifts and the Irish picture frames; the variations that are in addition to the stained glass selections are truly diverse.