Celtic Stained Glass

Celtic Stained Glass

Celtic stained-glass gifts includes home decor accents such as Irish lamps and Irish fireplace screens along with stained-glass Celtic sun catchers. Our selections of Irish stained-glass also includes stained-glass Irish night lights.

Celtic stained-glass gifts are an assortment of items that may be enhanced with green shamrocks along with colorful, interlaced, Celtic knot-work. Naturally, you will also find selections that are enriched with Irish blessings along with the stately Celtic cross or the iconic Claddagh symbol.

The Irish Gift House is proud to offer this wide range of item that includes stained-glass Irish Christmas ornaments and stained-glass Celtic window panels.
16" Wide.

Celtic Lamp - Irish - Stained Glass

Irish lamp is a large design that features a stained-glass shade that showcases an interlaced Celtic knot-work motif.
13" wide.

Shamrock Lamp - Stained Glass

Irish lamp features a stained-glass shade that highlights an all over shamrock bouquet and is complete with a bronzed finished base.
12 1/2" wide.

Claddagh Lamp - Stained Glass

Irish lamp features a double-sided stain-glass shade that is enhanced with a colorful Claddagh icon along with interlaced Celtic knot-work.
12" Wide

Celtic Lamp - Stained Glass - Amber Gem

Irish lamp features a large stained-glass shade that is showcases an interwoven Celtic knot-work band along with amber color accent stones.
12" Wide.

Irish Lamp - Stained Glass Shade

Celtic lamp showcases a pleated stained-glass shade that features an interlaced Celtic knot-work design that is repeated on the six sections.
Trinity Knots

Irish Lamp - Celtic - Stained Glass

Irish lamp showcases a stained-glass shade that is expressed with an interlaced Celtic Trinity knot on all four sides and is complete with a bronze finished base.

Irish Lamp - Shamrock - Stained Glass

Irish lamp showcases a stained-glass shade that features shamrocks along with the green, white, and orange motif of the Irish flag.
14" Tall.

Celtic Lamp - Stained Glass - L007

Celtic lamp features a stained-glass shade that showcases interwoven knot-work and beaded accent trim and is complete with a bronze finished base.
8" Wide.

Irish Lamp - Stained Glass - Celtic

Celtic lamp features an interlaced knot-work motif on the stained glass shade and is complete with a bronze finished base.
8" Wide.

Celtic Lamp - Stained Glass - Trinity

Irish lamp features a stained-glass Celtic motif that is enhanced with interlaced Trinity knots on the glass and metal constructed shade.
7" Wide

Irish Lamp - Shamrocks

Shamrock lamp features a colorful stained-glass Irish design that is incorporated into the shade's six glass panels.

18" Diameter

Celtic Stained Glass Sun Catcher - Strength Knot - w006

Celtic sun catcher features interlaced stained-glass lines that form the Dara knot or strength knot.
18" Diameter

Celtic Stained Glass Sun Catcher - w015

Celtic stained-glass window panel features elaborate knot-work that is enhanced with an interlaced motif and beveled glass.
24.5" wide x 11" tall.

Celtic Sun Catcher - Stained Glass - w011

Celtic stained-glass sun catcher features a rectangualr shape that is enhanced with interlaced knot-work that includes Trinity knots.
Out of stock.

Celtic Stained Glass Sun Catcher - Dara Knot - w014

Celtic stained-glass window panel features an elaborate Dara knot, also known as the strength knot, that is enhanced with interwoven knot-work.
12" wide x 16" tall.

Shamrock Stained Glass - Sun Catcher - s035

Shamrock suncatcher features textured stained-glass along with hint of green color along the border and on the interlocking motif.
18" Diameter

Irish Stained Glass - Shamrock Sun Catcher - w008s

Irish stained-glass panel features a green shamrock in the center that is surrounded with colorful fleur-de-lis motif.

Celtic Stained Glass Sun Catcher - Love Knot - w031

Celtic stained-glass window panel features an elaborate and interlaced Celtic love knot in the center that is surrounded with an interwoven knot-work border.
12" wide x 12" tall.

Irish Rose Stained Glass Sun Catcher - w036

Irish sun-catcher features a large stained-glass panel that is enhanced with a center shamrock surrounded by a wreath of roses.
16" Square.

Celtic Sun Catcher - Stained Glass - w004

Celtic stained-glass sun catcher features green center interlaced knot-work along with multi-color, interconnected, Celtic knot-work extending from the corners.
12" wide x 16" tall.

Shamrock Stained Glass - Sun Catcher - w034

Irish sun-catcher features stained-glass green shamrocks that are enhance with colorful butterflies.
11 1/2" wide x 14 1/4" tall.

Shamrock Stained Glass Sun Catcher - w026

Irish sun catcher features a large stained-glass shamrock in the center that is surrounded with textured glass and a pale green border.
11 1/2" Wide x 14" Tall

Celtic Sun Catcher - Textured Glass - w022

Celtic window panel features elaborately interlaced knot-work that is crafted with textured glass.
Out of stock.

Claddagh Sun Catcher - Stained Glass - w019

Celtic stained-glass sun catcher features a colorful Claddagh icon that is enhanced with Trinity knots on the cuffs along with interwoven Celtic knot-work on the shoulders.
14" wide x 9" tall.

Trinity Sun Catcher - Celtic Stained Glass - s003

Celtic stained-glass sun catcher features an interlaced Trinity knot with an elaborate motif.