Irish Santa
Irish Santa

Irish Santa

Irish Santa figurines and ornaments are fantastic Irish Christmas decorations; you may want to display your Irish Santa throughout the year.
The assortment of Irish Santa figurines at The Irish Gift House features plenty of shamrocks and green coats. Several of our Irish Santa decorations are musical and you may wind them to play popular Irish melodies. Occupational designs include the Irish Santa fireman and the Irish Santa policeman; these Celtic St. Nick decorations bring good tidings and good cheer! 

Our collection of Celtic Father Christmas decorations includes figurines from Kurt S. Adler and Possible Dreams.    

Irish Santa Hat

Irish Santa hat features an embroidered green shamrock.
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Musical Irish Santa

Irish Santa is a musical figurine that plays When Irish Eyes are Smiling.
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Irish Santa Fireman

Irish Santa decoration is a firefighter and he is ready to wish you a Merry Christmas!
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Irish Santa - Possible Dreams

Irish Santa decoration is named Leprechaun Loot; he features a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
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Irish Santa - Fiddler

Irish Santa figurine is playing his fiddle while sitting on a stump that is located in a field of shamrocks.
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Irish Santa Decoration

Irish Santa has found his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
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Irish Santa - Illuminated

Irish Santa is a lumberjack who is carrying an illuminated lantern and a cut Christmas tree.
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Irish Santa - Picnic

Irish Santa features a picnic basket along with a green coat and derby with a shamrock.
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Irish Santa - ri-cs

Irish Santa features a bulbous cloth body that is enhanced with shamrocks along with a mop beard.
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Irish Santa - Luck

Irish Santa is holding a large shamrock with a lucky message.
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Irish Santa - Shamrock

Irish Santa centerpiece features a dangling shamrock on a chain along with a shamrock on his sack.
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Irish Santa - Musical - Porcelain

Musical Irish Santa is holding a wreath that is enhanced with shamrocks and the words Nollaig Shona Duit.
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Irish Santa - Blarney Castle

Irish Santa features a hand painted rendition of Blarney Castle painted on his robe.
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Irish Santa - Car

Irish Santa is making the deliveries in his shamrock accented car that features illuminated headlights along with an Irish flag license plate.
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Irish Santa - Bobble Head

Irish Santa centerpiece is a bobble head that features a pot of gold and a shamrock.
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Irish Santa - Pillow

Christmas pillow features an Irish Santa that is enhanced with shamrocks.
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Irish Santa - Heritage

Irish Christmas decoration features a heritage Santa that is enhanced with shamrocks and a Shillelagh along with a sack of gifts and a pipe.
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Irish Wine Bottle Cover - Shamrocks

Irish wine bottle cover features an green coat and hat with shamrocks that was either borrowed from a leprechaun or an Irish Santa.

Irish Santa Brooch

Irish Santa brooch features a dangling lantern that is enhanced with a superimposed shamrock.
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Irish Christmas Brooch - Santa

Irish Santa brooch features a dangling bell that is enhanced with a superimposed shamrock.
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Irish Salt and Pepper Shakers - Santa

Irish Santa salt and pepper shaker set feature a bulbous pair that are enhanced with shamrocks.
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Irish Santa Christmas Ornament - Sack of Toys

Irish Santa Claus ornament features a walking stick along with a sack of toys.

Irish Christmas Ornament - Santa - Lantern

Irish ornament features Santa with a lantern and a pot of gold.

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Irish Christmas Ornament - Santa - c7676s

Santa ornament features Luck of the Irish written on a shamrock.


Irish Christmas Ornament - Santa - Bell

Irish Santa Christmas ornament is a bell that is accented with shamrocks.

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The Irish, both in Ireland and in the United States, love to celebrate and Christmas is a joyful occasion for merriment. The season starts with Advent on the fourth Sunday before Jesus' birthday and continues through the Feast Day of the Epiphany on January 6.

The Irish Gift House can help your festivities with our grand selection of Irish Christmas decorations; we have a huge assortment of Irish Christmas ornaments that includes a vast selection of Belleek ornaments. You may also wish to choose from a variety of Irish angle tree toppers or maybe from our selection of Irish Santa figurines

And because Jesus is the reason for the season you may want to take a look at our collection of Irish Nativity sets and ornaments that feature plenty of shamrocks.