Shamrock Socks

Shamrock Socks

Irish socks and shamrock socks category includes everything you need to keep your feet covered in Irish style.
In addition to our shamrock socks The Irish Gift House also offers Irish drinking socks along with shamrock stockings.

Shamrock Socks

Irish socks with shamrocks will make you feel like you have the luckiest feet in town.
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Irish Drinking Socks - Shamrocks

Irish drinking socks with shamrocks are perfect for a night at your local along with St. Patrick's Day festivities.
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Irish Socks - Pints

Irish drinking socks with pints are perfect for a night at your local or for St. Patrick's Day festivities.
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Shamrock Stockings

Irish stocking are thigh high designs that feature shamrocks along with green and white stripes.
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Irish Stockings - Clovers

Irish stockings are white with green clovers.
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Shamrock Socks - Green

Irish socks are a casual design that feature green shamrocks.
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Shamrock Socks - Argyle

Shamrock socks are enhanced with an argyle pattern and would be ideal for a game of golf.
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Shamrock Baby Socks

Irish baby socks feature green shamrocks.
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Shamrock Socks - Ankle

Shamrock ankle socks feature green glitter for extra sparkle.
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Shamrock Shoe Laces

Irish shoe laces feature green shamrocks and they would complement our selection of shamrock socks.
Sorry, the shamrock shoe laces are sold out.
When it is time to relax just slip your tired feet into a pair of Irish slippers from The Irish Gift House and they will look good in conjunction with your shamrock socks. Together they will keep your feet warm and toasty. 

Now that you have cared for your feet it is time to concentrate on you head which you may cover with a traditional Irish flat cap or an Irish beanie. Both of these styles will keep you warm and will look stylish when paired with an Irish hoodie or sweatshirt.