Celtic Crosses, Their History and Symbolism

The iconic Celtic cross has a deep and interesting history that dates to 650 AD in ancient Ireland.

Tree of Life

Crann Bethadh is Tree of Life in the Gaelic language and in Celtic folklore trees are the source of all life and creation.

Connemara Marble

Very little gold or silver is mined in Ireland, but what they do have in their mountains is the only green colored marble in the world, Connemara marble.

Acara Irish and Celtic Jewelry is New at The Irish Gift House

Acara is loosely  translated from Gaelic and when used as a cara, it means friend.

Celtic Motherhood Knot

The ancient Celts used knot-work as decoration with each unique twist depicting a different meaning. So it is the case with the Celtic Motherhood Knot that is a demonstration of the strong bond which exists between a mother and child while merging and including their heritage and faith.

Irish Jokes from The Irish Gift House

Sure, many of our Irish jokes are stereotypical and yer man Paddy is often the hero or the butt of the gag, but they are all meant in good humor as in the end, as history has taught us, the Irish always prevail.

St. Paddy's Day Accessories

Faith and Begorrah, St. Patrick's Day is almost here! Check out the new section on our site that is appropriately named St. Patrick's Day Accessories.

Irish Clothing from The Irish Gift House

The most popular Irish clothing categories remain with the Irish t-shirts section reigning supreme with our customers, but the Irish polo shirts and rugby shirts also get their due.

Claddagh Ring History

Not surprisingly there are many different versions of the Claddagh legend; so who is to know which version is correct?  The Claddagh ring history that we use at The Irish Gift House is the same version that was supplied to us by O'Connor Jewelry.

Inis Body Lotion is Now Available in a Pump Bottle

The widely popular Inis, the Energy of the Sea, body lotion is now available in a larger pump bottle at The Irish Gift House.

St. Brigid and the St. Brigid's Cross

February 1 also corresponds with the feast day of St. Brigid, who along with Patrick, is one of Ireland's patron saints.

Nollaig na mBean - Women's Christmas!

In Ireland, Epiphany is also known as Nollaig na mBean, which translates from the Irish language to Women's Christmas in English.

Guinness Gifts at The Irish Gift House

The iconic stout has a loyal following and these ardent enthusiasts appreciate Guinness gifts because they evokes pleasant experiences of drinking Ireland's most famous dark beer.

Halloween's Celtic Roots

Samhain, pronounced Sah-ween, is a Celtic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter; today we know the day as halloween.

Celtic Jewelry, Designs and Influences

The use of Celtic knots and designs in jewelry dates as far back as the 5th century BC as evidenced by torques that have been found by archaeologists.

Irish Christmas Traditions

Christmas is a religious season and it is also a time for merriment and festivities that have developed many time honored Irish traditions.

Salmon of Knowledge - Mystical Irish Legend

The Salmon of Knowledge is an Irish legend is about Fionn Mac Cumhail and how he inadvertently came to acquire the knowledge of the great fish and then become the leader of the ancient Fianna tribe.

Irish Wedding Traditions Includes Wearing a Kilt!

Many Irish couples are reaching back to their rich Celtic heritage and the groom and his groomsmen are wearing a traditional kilt during the wedding celebration.

The new Irish & Celtic jewelry from Solvar is on the way.

Solvar has always been known for their eclectic style of jewelry that ranges from traditional Irish jewelry to Celtic designs that imitate the popular trends to completely innovation designs.

The Irish Gift House Celebrates Our 30,000th Order!

I guess that Kerry and I were relatively late in embracing e-commerce at The Irish Gift House as we didn't launch theirishgifthouse.com until 2005.  We had a thriving "brick and mortar" retail business in place and we were happy taking orders by phone and by mail.  We didn't know what was good for us!

The Irish Gift House features Irish and Celtic jewelry from Solvar!

The Irish Gift House is proud to say that Solvar has been our principle Celtic and Irish jewelry purveyor for the past 18 years.

New Irish and Celtic Jewelry from TJH.

We just added an assortment of Irish and Celtic jewelry from TJH, one of the largest precious metal jewelers in Ireland.

Happy Anniversary to The Irish Gift House!

The month of July marks two anniversaries for The Irish Gift House. On July 5th we marked 23 years in business, and 3 years ago, on July 27, we transitioned to an all on-line Irish gift store.

The O'Connor Jewelry Heist

Cahill's gang identified a weak point in the O'Connor Jewelry security system as they forced their way into a boiler room which was not connected to the alarm system. They waited overnight, and when the staff arrived they pounced and forced them to open the safes.