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BlogSpot: The Irish Gift House

Visit The Irish Gift House BlogSpot to see all of our posts about everything Irish and Celtic.

Take a look at The Irish Gift House BlogSpot for all our archived posts about our Irish store and about everything Irish and Celtic.  You are welcome to write about your Irish experiences and add to the columns.

Irish Sixpence for Her Shoe

According to the Irish wedding tradition, a bride should have something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and an Irish sixpence for her shoe.


W B Yeats - Horseman Pass By

W B Yeats words transcend from the grave, Cast a cold eye On life on death Horseman pass by.


The Flight of the Earls

Red Hugh O'Neill fought the powerful English armies and almost won; his story is the Flight of the Earls.

Irish Symbols

From the iconic shamrock to leprechauns and even Guinness! The Irish Gift House presents some of our favorite Irish symbols.

Irish Flat Caps

In an ironic twist of fate, it was the English that made the flat cap popular in Ireland.


The blackthorn tree root forms the knob on the Shillelagh that was historically used as a poor man's weapon in Ireland.

Father's Day in Ireland

Father's Day originated in the US, but the Irish celebrate dads as well in Ireland on the third Sunday of June.

Memories of Bunratty Castle

What is your favorite memory of Bunratty Castle?

Irish Blessings and Humor for Mother's Day

The Irish Gift House offers this collection of Irish blessings for mother along with some Irish witticisms for Mother's Day.

Irish Superstitions

Take a look at why the Irish were superstitious along with some of the origins.

Top 10 Things NEVER To Do In Ireland

Take a look at our Top 10 Things NEVER To Do In Ireland before traveling to Ireland. For the most part, the Irish are some of the warmest and friendliest people you’ll ever meet, but it’s best to become familiar with a few of the local customs to avoid offending anyone.

Shamrock History

From the Druids to St. Patrick and British oppression the shamrock is part of Irish history.

Claddagh Ring - Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

St. Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching so we will let you in on a little secret. More Claddagh rings are given on February 14th than on any other day of the year. The reason is because those in love, along with those hopeful of love, know that a Claddagh ring is the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Irish Peat, a Source of Heat, Energy and Gifts

For centuries peat or turf has been an integral part of Irish history with the boglands possessing a rugged beauty that has inspired generations.

Arizona Law Enforcement Emerald Society Shamrock Patch

The Arizona Law Enforcement Emerald Society shamrock patch benefits assisting the families of fallen officers and first responders.

Labor Day's Irish Roots

In Ireland they were starving to death, but in the United States, along with other unskilled immigrant laborers, the Irish were working to death.

Irish Christmas Decorating

From weddings to wakes, nobody celebrates like the Irish, so Christmas is absolutely no exception and decorating is a must.

The Irish Harp, the national symbol of Ireland.

The iconic shamrock is the most recognizable symbol associated with the Emerald Isle but it is the Irish harp that is the official symbol of Ireland.

How to Draw a Shamrock

Kerry O'Neal Costanzo is the creative half of The Irish Gift House and she posts about how to easily draw a shamrock.

Celtic Crosses, Their History and Symbolism

The iconic Celtic cross has a deep and interesting history that dates to 650 AD in ancient Ireland.

Tree of Life

Crann Bethadh is Tree of Life in the Gaelic language and in Celtic folklore trees are the source of all life and creation.

Connemara Marble

Very little gold or silver is mined in Ireland, but what they do have in their mountains is the only green colored marble in the world, Connemara marble.

Acara Irish and Celtic Jewelry is New at The Irish Gift House

Acara is loosely  translated from Gaelic and when used as a cara, it means friend.

Celtic Motherhood Knot

The ancient Celts used knot-work as decoration with each unique twist depicting a different meaning. So it is the case with the Celtic Motherhood Knot that is a demonstration of the strong bond which exists between a mother and child while merging and including their heritage and faith.

Irish Jokes from The Irish Gift House

Sure, many of our Irish jokes are stereotypical and yer man Paddy is often the hero or the butt of the gag, but they are all meant in good humor as in the end, as history has taught us, the Irish always prevail.