Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Jewelry

Celtic jewelry includes necklaces and earrings along with bracelets and rings that feature interlaced, uninterrupted lines that have no beginning and no end. The use of Celtic knot-work in jewelry dates as far back as the 5th century.

Our authentic Irish made Celtic jewelry consists of a vast assortment of knots and spirals that includes the Trinity knot and the Newgrange spiral. Through their continuous lines the interlaced knot-work and spiral designs this Celtic jewelry symbolizes the affluence and pureness of ancient Irish history; each twist and turn has its individual magical mystic quality.

Our precious metal Celtic jewelry is crafted in sterling silver or in gold and we also offer plated and non-precious metal pieces that are made of stainless steel or pewter. We have Celtic jewelry that may be accented with precious or semi-precious stones that range from diamonds to Connemara marble to crystals; with so many choices you are sure to find the perfect piece of Celtic jewelry at The Irish Gift House.

The symbolism of Celtic jewelry may represent unending love, eternal life, forever friendship or continuous faith. The Irish Gift House offers this full line of Celtic jewelry for you to select a special piece to represent your own never-ending path.

You may be browsing the largest collection of Celtic jewelry on the Internet with well over one thousand different selections right at your fingertips. As you browse our many categories you will find traditional Celtic necklaces and Celtic earrings while also discovering contemporary shapes such as the Celtic snowflake jewelry along with ancient designs that are influenced from illustrations found in the famous Book of Kells.


Celtic Jewelry for Men

Masculine Celtic jewelry is fashioned in larger and heavier sizes for rugged manly wear. Select from burly Celtic necklaces, including Celtic crosses and shamrocks, along with Celtic bracelets for men. Additionally, The Irish Gift House offers Celtic cuff links and Irish tie tacks along with a huge selection of Irish money clips. Select from gold or silver designs or from plated finishes.


Book of Kells Jewelry

Book of Kells jewelry is inspired by the famous Irish tome with the same namesake. Book of Kells Celtic jewelry features interlaced knot-work and colorful calligraphy on a collection that includes necklaces and earrings along with bracelets and brooches. You may choose from sterling silver and plated designs; each piece is made in Ireland.


Tree of Life Jewelry

Tree of Life jewelry is inspired by the ancient Celts who believed that trees held mystical powers including the foundation of life itself. Celtic Tree of Life jewelry typically features interlaced knot-work as the roots and leaves and the fruit is often depicted with either precious or semi-precious stones. Select from Tree of Life necklaces and earrings along with charms and bracelets that are crafted in either gold or silver along with plated finishes.


Celtic Bracelets

Celtic bracelets feature interlaced knot-work designs that are offered as link or cuff designs. Additionally, we offer Celtic bangles along with expanding wire charm bracelets. All our designs are made in Ireland and may be crafted with precious metals such as various gold carat weights and colors along with sterling silver or combinations of both. Additionally, you may select from Celtic charm bracelets that are crafted with plated finishes.


Celtic Earrings

Celtic earrings are crafted using sterling silver or different carat weights and colors of gold; additionally, we also offer plated designs. You may choose from Celtic stud earrings or from those with hoop or dangling findings. Our vast collection includes various interwoven icons that include Trinity knot earrings along with strength knot earrings. Each pair is crafted in Ireland and all precious metal pieces are hall-marked by the Irish Assay Office at Dublin Castle.


Celtic Necklaces

Celtic necklaces are offered in a vast selection that includes various knot-work motifs with either filigree or embossed motifs, including Trinity knot necklaces. Select Celtic pendants with sterling silver or gold construction along with many with plated finishes; naturally, each piece is made in Ireland. We are proud to offer precious gemstone designs that may include diamonds or emeralds along with semi-precious stones that may include Connemara marble or crystals.


Celtic Brooches

Celtic brooches feature various motifs that may include interlaced knot-work, such as the Trinity brooch, or you may select from a collection of Tara brooches, which are fashioned after the famous Irish treasure. Select from Irish crafted designs that are made from sterling silver or from plated finishes, many incorporating colorful enamel accenting or are set with stones, including Connemara marble. Additionally, we offer colorful Book of Kells brooches that are inspired by the famous tome.


Celtic Rings

Celtic rings are offered in sterling silver or with gold construction; additionally, several pieces are crafted with plated finishes. Select from interlaced knot-work along with Celtic spiral motifs that are inspired by the Newgrange icon. Additionally, we offer many Trinity knot rings that may include precious stones, such as diamond or semi-precious stones, such as crystals or Ireland’s gemstone, Connemara marble.