Claddagh Jewelry

Claddagh Jewelry

Claddagh jewelry is recognized the world over as the symbol of friendship, loyalty, and love. Our Irish jewelers have skillfully crafted this Claddagh jewelry that includes necklaces and earrings along with bracelets and more.

Claddagh jewelry is offered in a vast scale that ranges from traditional designs to more elaborate creations that may be enhanced interlaced Celtic knot-work. In addition to Claddagh necklaces and Claddagh earrings, this brilliant Irish jewelry collection is offered as bracelets, charms, and more. A substantial portion of our Claddagh jewelry is set with gemstones that may include diamonds, emeralds or an assortment of precious and semi-precious stones.

In addition to our sterling silver Claddagh jewelry, we offer several different gold colors and carat weights including white gold and yellow gold. We also stock plated Claddagh designs in every finish including rose gold and metal combinations. With so many choices, you will be able to find the perfect piece of Claddagh jewelry for everyone on your list, maybe even you.

The Irish Gift House’s collection of Claddagh jewelry is crafted in Ireland by fine Irish jewelers that showcases Solvar Jewelry. You will also find brilliant selections from TJH Ltd. and Tara along with Cailin Jewelry and Mullingar Pewter.

Please note that our assortment of Irish made Claddagh rings and Claddagh bands is so large that we felt compelled to assigned them a distinct section.


Claddagh Earrings

Claddagh earrings are crafted with precious metals that include sterling silver along with various gold carat weights and colors; additionally, plated designs are offered. Selections include Claddagh stud earrings along with dangling and hoop findings. You may also select designs that features precious stones that include diamonds or emeralds along with semi-precious stones that include Connemara marble.


Claddagh Necklaces

Claddagh necklaces feature all Irish made construction with designs for both women and men. Select from gold or silver metal along with gold and silver combinations and plated designs. Claddagh pendants may include precious stones, including those with diamond or emerald hearts. Naturally, we also offer designs that include Connemara marble accenting along with selections with birthstone hearts.


Claddagh Bracelets

Claddagh bracelets are feminine designs that are crafted in Ireland using various precious metals along with others that have plated finishes. Choose from Claddagh bangles along with link chain or expanding wire designs; additionally, several are offered with Celtic knot-work or accent stones incorporated into the respective motifs.


Claddagh Brooches

Claddagh brooches make a wonderful fashion statement when worn on a blazer or scarf along with Irish dance costumes. Select from gold-plated Claddagh brooches along with silver tone varieties. Many designs are accented with colorful stones or enamel. Others may be enhanced with embossed detailing or interlaced Celtic knot-work.


Sterling Silver Claddagh Charms

Sterling silver Claddagh charms include those with clip-on lobster claw catches along with those with chain bails. Additionally, we offer sterling silver Claddagh beads that slide onto your existing charm bracelet. All designs are made in Ireland and are hall-marked .925% pure silver by the Irish government.


Gold Claddagh Charms

Gold Claddagh charms are fashioned in various carat weights and have been hall-marked by the Irish Assay Office. Select from different sizes and weights that may slide onto your own necklace or may be attached to a charm bracelet. Each Claddagh charm is enhanced with embossed gold detailing.